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Class (biology) In biological classification In biology Biology is the natural science that studies life and living organisms, including their anatomy, physical structure, Biochemistry, chemical processes, Molecular biology, molecular interaction ...
, a taxonomic rank * Class (knowledge representation), a collection of individuals or objects * Class (philosophy), an analytical concept used differently from such group phenomena as "types" or "kinds" * Class (set theory), a collection of sets that can be unambiguously defined by a property that all its members share * Hazard class, a dangerous goods classification * Social class, the hierarchical arrangement of individuals in society, usually defined by wealth and occupation * Working class, can be defined by rank, income or collar

Arts, entertainment, and media

*The Class (song), "The Class" (song), 1959 Chubby Checker song *Character class in role-playing games and other genres *Class 95 (radio station), a Singaporean radio channel


*Class (film), ''Class'' (film), 1983 American film *The Class (2007 film), ''The Class'' (2007 film), 2007 Estonian film *The Class (2008 film), ''The Class'' (2008 film), 2008 film (''Entre les murs'')


*Class (2010 TV series), ''Class'' (2010 TV series), a 2010 British television programme, broadcast on CBBC *Class (2016 TV series), ''Class'' (2016 TV series), a 2016 British spinoff from ''Doctor Who'' *The Class (TV series), ''The Class'' (TV series), a CBS sitcom


*''Class: A Guide Through the American Status System'' by Paul Fussell *Class (Pacifico novel), ''Class'' (Pacifico novel), a 2014 novel by Francesco Pacifico *Class (Rosenfeld novel), ''Class'' (Rosenfeld novel), a 2017 novel by Lucinda Rosenfeld *The Class (Erich Segal novel), ''The Class'' (Segal novel), a 1985 novel by Erich Segal


*Class (computer programming), a fundamental concept of object-oriented programming *Class (warez), a defunct group in the warez scene *C++ classes, program-specific data types *Class attribute (HTML), a feature of many HTML and XHTML elements *Class attributes (computer programming), defining the structure of a class *Complexity class, a set of problems of related complexity in computational complexity theory *Java class file, the interpretable bytecode of a compiled Java program *Pseudo-class, in cascading style sheets *Type class, a type system construct that supports polymorphism


* Class (education), a group of students attending a specific course or lesson * Class, a course (education) * Class, a lesson or course session, in education * Classroom, a room where classes are held

Law and government

* Class, a group of people involved in a class action lawsuit * Classes of United States senators, for describing the schedules of elections for Senate seats


*Class (locomotive), a single design of a locomotive as assigned by the railroad *Class rating, an allowance to fly aircraft of similar design *Classification of United States railroads: **Class I railroad **Class II railroad **Class III railroad *Ship class, a group of ships of similar design *Travel class, a quality of accommodation on public transport *Vehicle size class, a way of classifying cars

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