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Christina Hart
Christina Hart
(born July 21, 1949) is an American film producer/director, playwright and retired actress. She teaches acting at the Hollywood Court Theater. Originally from Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, she has acted in many popular movies such as The Stewardesses
The Stewardesses
(1969), The Mad Bomber (1973) and Charley Varrick
Charley Varrick
(1973). She is married to actor Frank Doubleday; the couple have two daughters, Kaitlin and Portia, both also actresses.


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Life and career[edit] Christina Hart
Christina Hart
was born on July 21, 1949 in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, to an elementary school teacher father.[1] She has been acting professionally since 1958 in television and motion pictures, although she has stated that her true passion is for the theater. She formed DOXA Productions with actress Kara Pulcino, and has produced and directed under that label since 2006.[citation needed] Theater[edit] As a playwright, Hart is most known for Women Over the Influence and Birds of a Feather, and was nominated for an LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Best Original Play in 2012.[citation needed] She has directed over 50 plays. Filmography[edit]

The Stewardesses
The Stewardesses
(1969) as Samantha The Woman and Bloody Terror (1970) as Karen Washington Red Sky at Morning (1971) as Velva Mae Cloyd The Roommates (1973) as Paula The Mad Bomber (1973) as Fromley's Victim Charley Varrick
Charley Varrick
(1973) as Jana The Bunny Caper (aka Sex Play, Games Girls Play) (1974) as Bunny O'Hara The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return (1975) as Charity The Runaway Barge (1975) as Reba Washburn Keep Off My Grass! (1975) Johnny Firecloud (1975) as June Addie and the King of Hearts (1976) as Kathleen Tate Dead of Night (1977) as Helen Mean Dog Blues
Mean Dog Blues
(1978) as Gloria Kinsman The Night the City Screamed (1980) as Woman in Elevator The Sophisticated Gents (1981) as Gerda Hear No Evil (1982) as Sheila Green The Check Is in the Mail... (1986) as Janet


Ironside (1972) as Jan Ritter The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (1972) as Jan Ritter Can Ellen Be Saved? (1974) as Mary Shazam! (1974) as Holly The Rookies
The Rookies
(1974) as Lorna Marsh Petrocelli
(1974) as Niki James The Odd Couple (1975) as Susan The Texas Wheelers
The Texas Wheelers
(1975) as Librarian The Blue Knight (1976) as Kiki Helter Skelter (1976) as Patricia "Katie" Krenwinkel Happy Days
Happy Days
(1974–1976) as Carole Actman/Kitty Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels
(1976) as Billie C.P.O. Sharkey
C.P.O. Sharkey
(1977) as Helen The Six Million Dollar Man
The Six Million Dollar Man
(1977) as Margaret The Fantastic Journey
The Fantastic Journey
(1977) as Gwenith The Streets of San Francisco
The Streets of San Francisco
(1977) as Nancy Telson Hawaii Five-O (1977) as Chris Harmon Barnaby Jones
Barnaby Jones
(1976–1978) as Amanda/Jenna Smith David Cassidy: Man Under Cover (1978) as Bobbi The Incredible Hulk (1979) as Cassie Floyd The Runaways (1979) as Jeanne Norris Detective School (1979) as Yolanda B. J. and the Bear (1980) as Janet Lockwood The Love Boat
The Love Boat
(1981) as Cindy Sterling Three's Company
Three's Company
(1977–1981) as Francesca Angelino/Karen Dynasty (1981) as Bedelia CHiPs
(1982) Hear No Evil (1982 made-for-TV-movie) as Sheila Green[2][3][4] Simon & Simon (1982) as Stewardess April Airwolf
(1985) as Mrs. Cove Murder, She Wrote
Murder, She Wrote
(1989) as Sister Maria

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