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Chen Zi (陈紫, Huiyang, 1919–1999) was a Chinese composer. He was one of the composers at the original revolutionary Lu Xun Academy
Lu Xun Academy
in Yan'an
and one of the collaborators assisting Ma Ke in composition of 1945's The White-Haired Girl.[1] Among his works are the 1954 opera Liu Hulan (opera), and the 1956 opera Spring Blossoms (《迎春花开了》Yingchunhua kaile) co-composed with Liang Kexiang to a libretto by Lu Cang (陆苍) and Wang Lie (王烈).[2] References[edit]

^ Sheila Melvin, Jindong Cai -Rhapsody in Red: How Western Classical Music Became Chinese 2004 Page 169 "Ma Ke was the principal composer of The White-Haired Girl
The White-Haired Girl
but he had many collaborators from the Lu Xun Academy. Working with him on the music were Zhang Lu, Qu Wei, Huan Zhi, Xiang Ou, Chen Zi, Liu Zhi." ^ China reconstructs Volume 28 - Page 393 Zhongguo fu li hui - 1979 "In 1972 the veteran composer Chen Zi and others were planning to create an opera The Miner's Daughter. I was asked to go to Beijing to coordinate.."

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