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Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve
(French: [katʁin dənœv]; born 22 October 1943) is a French actress as well as an occasional singer, model and producer. She gained recognition for her portrayal of aloof, mysterious beauties for various directors, including Luis Buñuel, François Truffaut
François Truffaut
and Roman Polanski.[1] In 1985, she succeeded Mireille Mathieu
Mireille Mathieu
as the official face of Marianne, France's national symbol of liberty. A 14-time César Award
César Award
nominee, she won for her performances in Truffaut's The Last Metro
The Last Metro
(1980) and Régis Wargnier's Indochine (1992). She is also noted for her support for a variety of liberal causes. Deneuve made her film debut in 1957 and first came to prominence in Jacques Demy's 1964 musical The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, before going on to star for Polanski in Repulsion (1965) and for Buñuel in Belle de Jour (1967) and Tristana (1970). She was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Actress for Belle de Jour, and the Academy Award for Best Actress for Indochine. She also won the 1998 Volpi Cup
Volpi Cup
for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival
Venice Film Festival
for Place Vendôme. Her English-language films include The April Fools
The April Fools
(1969), Hustle (1975), The Hunger (1983) and Dancer in the Dark
Dancer in the Dark
(2000). Other films include Mississippi Mermaid
Mississippi Mermaid
(1969), Scene of the Crime (1986), My Favourite Season (1993), 8 Women
8 Women
(2002), Potiche
(2010), The Brand New Testament (2015), The Midwife (2017) and Bonne Pomme (2017).


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Early life[edit] Deneuve was born Catherine Fabienne Dorléac in Paris, the daughter of French stage actors Maurice Dorléac and Renée Simonot. Deneuve has two sisters, Françoise Dorléac
Françoise Dorléac
(1942–1967) and Sylvie Dorléac (born 14 December 1946),[2] as well as a maternal half-sister, Danielle, whom their mother had out of wedlock in 1937 with Aimé Clariond, but who was later adopted by Maurice and took his surname. Deneuve was her mother's maiden name, which she chose for her stage name, in order to differentiate herself from her sisters. Deneuve attended Catholic schools.[3] Film career[edit] Deneuve made her film debut with a small role in André Hunebelle's Les Collégiennes (1957) with her younger sister Sylvie Dorléac who, like their older half-sister Danielle, was an occasional child actress.[4] She subsequently appeared in several films for director Roger Vadim
Roger Vadim
as well as in L'Homme à femmes (1960), which caught the eye of Jacques Demy, who cast Deneuve in his 1964 musical Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, the film that brought her to stardom.[4] Deneuve played the cold but erotic persona, for which she would be nicknamed the "ice maiden", in Roman Polanski's horror classic Repulsion (1965), reinforcing it in Luis Buñuel's Belle de Jour (1967), and reaching a peak in Tristana (1970).[5] Her work for Buñuel would be her most famous.[6][7] Further prominent films from this early time in her career included Jean-Paul Rappeneau's A Matter of Resistance
A Matter of Resistance
(1966), Demy's musical Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (1967) and François Truffaut's romantic thriller Mississippi Mermaid
Mississippi Mermaid
(1969). Deneuve remained active in European films during the 1960s and 1970s, though she limited her appearances in American movies of the period to The April Fools (1969), a romantic comedy with Jack Lemmon, and Hustle (1975), a crime drama with Burt Reynolds. Her starring roles at the time were featured in such films as A Slightly Pregnant Man
A Slightly Pregnant Man
(1973) with Marcello Mastroianni and Le Sauvage
Le Sauvage
(1975) with Yves Montand. In the 1980s, Deneuve's films included François Truffaut's Le Dernier métro (1980), for which she won the César Award
César Award
for Best Actress, and Tony Scott's The Hunger (1983) as a bisexual vampire, co-starring with David Bowie
David Bowie
and Susan Sarandon, a role which brought her a significant lesbian following.[8] She made her debut film as a producer in 1988, Drôle d'endroit pour une rencontre, alongside frequent co-star Gerard Depardieu.

Deneuve at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival

In the early 1990s, Deneuve's more significant roles included 1992's Indochine opposite Vincent Perez, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress
Academy Award for Best Actress
and won a second César Award
César Award
for Best Actress; and André Téchiné's two movies, Ma saison préférée (1993) and Les Voleurs
Les Voleurs
(1996). In 1997, Deneuve was the protagonist in the music video for the song N'Oubliez Jamais sung by Joe Cocker. In 1998 she won acclaim and the Volpi Cup
Volpi Cup
at the Venice Film Festival
Venice Film Festival
for her performance in Place Vendôme. In the late 1990s, Deneuve continued to appear in a large number of films such as 1999's five films Est-Ouest, Le temps retrouvé, Pola X, Belle maman, and Le Vent de la nuit. In 2000, Deneuve's part in Lars von Trier's musical drama Dancer in the Dark alongside Icelandic singer Björk
was subject to considerable critical scrutiny. The film was selected for the Palme d'Or
Palme d'Or
at the Cannes Film Festival. She made another foray into Hollywood the following year, starring in The Musketeer
The Musketeer
(2001) for Peter Hyams. In 2002, she shared the Silver Bear Award for Best Ensemble Cast at the Berlin International Film Festival
Berlin International Film Festival
for her performance in 8 Women. In 2005, Deneuve published her diary A l'ombre de moi-meme ("In My Own Shadow", published in English as Close Up and Personal: The Private Diaries of Catherine Deneuve); in it she writes about her experiences shooting the films Indochine and Dancer in the Dark. She also provided the voice role of Marjane Satrapi's mother in Satrapi's animated autobiographical film Persepolis (2007), based on the graphic novel of the same name. In 2008, she appeared in her 100th film, Un conte de Noël.[9] Deneuve's recent work includes Potiche
(2010) with frequent co-star Depardieu, Les Bien-aimés (2012), alongside former co-stars Ludivine Sagnier and Chiara Mastroianni, the popular French adventure comedy Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia (2012) with Gerard Depardieu and Valérie Lemercier, screenwriter and director Emmanuelle Bercot's On My Way (2013), Palme D'or
Palme D'or
winning writer/director Pierre Salvadori's comedy drama In the Courtyard
In the Courtyard
(2014), and André Téchiné's drama In the Name of My Daughter
In the Name of My Daughter
(2014). In 2017, she co-starred alongside Catherine Frot, in writer/director Martin Provost's French drama The Midwife, which has been acquired by Music Box Films for a summer 2017 distribution in the United States.[10][11] Career outside film[edit] Modeling[edit]

Deneuve in 1999

Deneuve appeared nude in two Playboy
pictorials in 1963 and 1965.[12] Her image was used to represent Marianne, the national symbol of France, from 1985 to 1989.[citation needed] As the face of Chanel
No. 5 in the late 1970s, she caused sales of the perfume to soar in the United States – so much so that the American press, captivated by her charm, nominated her as the world's most elegant woman.[13] In 1983, American Home Products retained her to represent their cosmetics line and hired world-renowned photographer Richard Avedon
Richard Avedon
to promote its line of Youth Garde cosmetics, for which she famously proclaimed, "Look closely. Next year I will be 40." She is considered the muse of designer Yves Saint Laurent; he dressed her in the films, Belle de Jour, La Chamade, La sirène du Mississipi, Un flic, Liza and The Hunger. In 1992, she became a model for his skincare line. In 2001, she was chosen as the new face of L'Oréal Paris. In 2006, Deneuve became the third inspiration for the M•A•C Beauty Icon series and collaborated on the colour collection that became available at M•A•C locations worldwide in February that year. Deneuve began appearing in the new Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
luggage advertisements in 2007. Deneuve was listed as one of the fifty best-dressed over 50s by the Guardian in March 2013.[14]In July 2017, Deneuve appeared in a video campaign for Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
entitled Connected Journeys, celebrating the launch of the brand's Tambour Horizon smartwatch, which also featured celebrities, including Jennifer Connelly, Bae Doona, Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith
and Miranda Kerr.[15] Entrepreneurial[edit] In 1986, Deneuve introduced her own perfume, Deneuve.[16] She is also a designer of glasses, shoes, jewelery and greeting cards.[citation needed] Charities[edit]

Deneuve was appointed UNESCO
Goodwill Ambassador for the Safeguarding of Film Heritage in 1994 until her resignation on 12 November 2003. Deneuve asked that the rights owed to her from her representation of Marianne
be given to Amnesty International.[17] Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
made a donation to The Climate Project, spearheaded by Al Gore, on behalf of Deneuve. Deneuve is also involved with Children Action, Children of Africa, Orphelins Roumains and Reporters Without Borders. Douleur sans frontiers (Pain Without Borders) – At the end of 2003, Deneuve recorded a radio commercial to encourage donations to fight against the pain in the world, notably for the victims of landmines.[18] Handicap International
Handicap International
– In the middle of July 2005, Deneuve lent her voice to the message of radio commercials, TV and cinema, which denounced the use of the BASM (cluster bombs). Voix de femmes pour la démocratie (Voice of women for democracy) – Deneuve read the text, "Le petit garçon", of Jean-Lou Dabadie, on the entitled CD, "Voix de femmes pour la démocratie." The CD was sold for the benefit of the female victims of the war and the fundamentalisms that fight for democracy. Deneuve has also been involved with various charities in the fight against AIDS and cancer.[18]

Political involvement[edit]

Deneuve at the 2011 César Awards.

In 1972, Deneuve signed the Manifesto of the 343. The manifesto was an admission by its signers to have practiced illegal abortions and therefore exposed themselves to judicial actions and prison sentences. It was published in Le Nouvel Observateur
Le Nouvel Observateur
on 5 April 1971. That same year, feminist lawyer Gisèle Halimi
Gisèle Halimi
founded the group, Choisir ("To Choose"), to protect the women who had signed the Manifesto of the 343. Deneuve is involved with Amnesty International's program to abolish the death penalty. In 2001, Deneuve delivered a petition organized by the French-based group, "Together Against the death penalty", to the U.S. Embassy in Paris.[19] In April 2007, Deneuve signed a petition on the internet protesting against the "misogynous" treatment of socialist presidential candidate Ségolène Royal. More than 8,000 French men and women signed the petition, including French actress Jeanne Moreau.[20] In January 2018, Deneuve signed an open letter denouncing women's right to publicly call out perpetrators of sexual harassment and assault, complaining that this had become a witch hunt, and that there can be no right for a woman to say "no" to a sexual proposition from a man, without the accompanying right for a man to first make such a proposition.[21][dubious – discuss].

Personal life[edit] Deneuve speaks fluent French, Italian, English and some German. Her hobbies and passions include gardening, drawing, photography, reading, music, cinema, fashion, antiques and decoration.[18] Deneuve has been married once,[22] to photographer David Bailey
David Bailey
from 1965 to 1972.[2] She has lived with director Roger Vadim,[23] actor Marcello Mastroianni,[2] cinematographer Hugh Johnson,[24] Spanish model and current television presenter Carlos Lozano,[25] and Canal+ tycoon Pierre Lescure.[2] Deneuve has two children: actor Christian Vadim, from her relationship with Roger Vadim, and actress Chiara Mastroianni, from her relationship with Marcello Mastroianni. She has five grandchildren.[2] Filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Director Notes

1957 Les Collégiennes Une grande André Hunebelle

1960 L'Homme à femmes (fr) Catherine Jacques-Gérard Cornu (fr)

1960 Les Portes claquent Dany Michel Fermaud Jacques Poitrenaud

1962 Les Parisiennes Sophie Marc Allégret

1962 Ça c'est la vie

Claude Choublier Short film

1962 Et Satan conduit le bal Manuelle Grisha Dabat

1963 Vice and Virtue Justine Morand Roger Vadim

1963 Portuguese Vacation Catherine Pierre Kast

1964 The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Geneviève Emery Jacques Demy

1964 Les Plus belles escroqueries du monde Swindler Claude Chabrol

1964 La Chasse à l'homme Denise Édouard Molinaro

1964 Male Companion Isabelle Philippe de Broca

1964 La Costanza della ragione Lori Pasquale Festa Campanile

1965 Les Petits chats

Jacques R. Villa (fr)

1965 Repulsion Carol Roman Polanski

1965 Who Wants to Sleep? Angela Claasen Rolf Thiele Axel von Ambesser Alfred Weidenmann

1965 Le Chant du monde Clara Marcel Camus

1966 A Matter of Resistance Marie Jean-Paul Rappeneau

1966 Les Créatures Mylène Agnès Varda

1967 The Young Girls of Rochefort Delphine Garnier Jacques Demy

1967 Belle de Jour Séverine Serizy / Belle de Jour Luis Buñuel

1968 Benjamin Anne de Clécy Michel Deville

1968 Manon 70 Manon Jean Aurel

1968 Mayerling Maria Vetsera Terence Young

1968 La Chamade Lucile Alain Cavalier

1969 The April Fools Catherine Gunther Stuart Rosenberg

1969 Mississippi Mermaid Julie Roussel / Marion Vergano François Truffaut

1969 Tout peut arriver (fr) Interviewee Philippe Labro

1970 Tristana Tristana Luis Buñuel

1970 Peau d'Âne Princess / 'Donkey Skin' Jacques Demy

1971 It Only Happens to Others Catherine Nadine Trintignant

1972 Liza Liza Marco Ferreri

1972 Un flic Cathy Jean-Pierre Melville

1973 A Slightly Pregnant Man Irène de Fontenoy Jacques Demy

1974 Don't Touch the White Woman! Marie-Hélène de Boismonfrais Marco Ferreri

1974 Drama of the Rich Linda Murri Mauro Bolognini

1974 La mujer con botas rojas (es) Françoise LeRoi Juan Luis Buñuel

1975 Zig-Zig (fr) Marie László Szabó

1975 L'Agression (fr) Sarah Gérard Pirès

1975 Lovers Like Us Nelly Jean-Paul Rappeneau

1975 Hustle Nicole Britton Robert Aldrich

1976 If I Had to Do It All Over Again Catherine Berger Claude Lelouch

1977 Anima persa Sofia Stolz Dino Risi

1977 March or Die Simone Picard Dick Richards

1977 Beach House La donna del sogno Sergio Citti

1978 L'Argent des autres Cécile Rainier Christian de Chalonge

1979 Ils sont grands, ces petits (fr) Louise Mouchin Joël Santoni

1979 Us Two Françoise Claude Lelouch

1979 Courage - Let's Run Eva Yves Robert

1979 Écoute voir Claude Alphand Hugo Santiago

1980 The Last Metro Marion Steiner François Truffaut

1980 Je vous aime Alice Claude Berri

1981 Le Choix des armes Nicole Durieux Alain Corneau

1981 Hotel America Hélène André Téchiné

1982 Le choc Claire Robin Davis

1983 L'Africain (fr) Charlotte Philippe de Broca

1983 The Hunger Miriam Blaylock Tony Scott

1984 Le Bon Plaisir Claire Després Francis Girod

1984 Fort Saganne Louise Alain Corneau

1984 Paroles et Musique (fr) Margaux Élie Chouraqui

1986 Speriamo che sia femmina Claudia Mario Monicelli

1986 Scene of the Crime Lili Ravenel André Téchiné

1987 Agent trouble Amanda Weber Jean-Pierre Mocky

1988 Fréquence meurtre Jeanne Quester Élisabeth Rappeneau

1988 A Strange Place to Meet France François Dupeyron

1991 La Reine blanche (fr) Liliane Ripoche Jean-Loup Hubert

1992 Indochine Eliane Régis Wargnier

1993 My Favorite Season Emilie André Téchiné

1994 La Partie d'échecs (fr) Marquise Yves Hanchar (fr)

1995 One Hundred and One Nights The star-fantasy Agnès Varda

1995 The Convent Hélène Manoel de Oliveira

1996 Thieves Marie Leblanc André Téchiné

1996 Court toujours: L'inconnu Marianne Ismaël Ferroukhi Short film

1997 Genealogies of a Crime Jeanne / Solange Raúl Ruiz

1997 Sans titre

Leos Carax Short film

1998 Place Vendôme Marianne
Malivert Nicole Garcia

1999 Le vent de la nuit Hélène Philippe Garrel English title: Night Wind

1999 Belle maman Léa Gabriel Aghion

1999 Pola X Marie Leos Carax

1999 Time Regained Odette de Crecy Raúl Ruiz

1999 East/West Gabrielle Develay Régis Wargnier

2000 Dancer in the Dark Kathy Lars von Trier

2001 I'm Going Home Marguerite Manoel de Oliveira

2001 Absolument fabuleux A spectator of the parade (cameo) Gabriel Aghion

2001 The Musketeer The Queen Peter Hyams

2001 Le petit poucet The Queen Olivier Dahan

2002 8 Women Gaby François Ozon

2002 Au plus près du paradis Fanette Tonie Marshall

2003 Les Liaisons dangereuses Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil


2003 A Talking Picture Delfina Manoel de Oliveira

2004 Princesse Marie Princess Marie Bonaparte Benoît Jacquot Television film

2004 Kings and Queen Mme Vasset Arnaud Desplechin

2004 Changing Times Cécile André Téchiné

2005 Palais royal! Eugénia Valérie Lemercier

2006 Le concile de pierre (fr) Sybille Weber Guillaume Nicloux

2006 Nip/Tuck Diana Lubey Ryan Murphy Episode: "Diana Lubey"

2006 Le héros de la famille Alice Mirmont Thierry Klifa (fr)

2007 Après lui Camille Gaël Morel

2007 Persepolis Mrs. Satrapi, Marjane's mother's voice Marjane Satrapi Vincent Paronnaud

2007 Pouvoir et séduction Elegant Lady Maria von Heland (de) Television film

2008 A Christmas Tale Junon Vuillard Arnaud Desplechin

2008 Je veux voir The famous actress Joana Hadjithomas Khalil Joreige

2008 Mes stars et moi Solange Duvivier Laetitia Colombani (fr)

2009 Cyprien Vivianne Wagner David Charhon (fr)

2009 The Girl on the Train Louise André Téchiné

2009 Park Benches The client to the cupboard Bruno Podalydès

2009 Hidden Diary Martine Julie Lopes-Curval

2010 Potiche Suzanne Pujol François Ozon

2010 The Big Picture Anne Eric Lartigau (fr)

2011 Les yeux de sa mère Lena Weber Thierry Klifa (fr)

2011 The Beloved Madeleine Christophe Honoré

2012 Lines of Wellington Severina Valeria Sarmiento

2012 God Loves Caviar Empress Catherine II of Russia Yannis Smaragdis

2012 Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia Queen Cordelia Laurent Tirard

2013 On My Way Bettie Emmanuelle Bercot

2014 In the Courtyard Mathilde Pierre Salvadori

2014 Three Hearts The mother Benoît Jacquot

2014 In the Name of My Daughter Renée Le Roux André Téchiné

2015 The Brand New Testament Martine Jaco Van Dormael

2015 Standing Tall Florence Blaque Emmanuelle Bercot

2016 Le Cancre Marguerite Paul Vecchiali

2017 The Midwife Béatrice Sobolevski Martin Provost

2017 Belle à croquer The Angel Axel Courtière Short film

2017 Bonne Pomme Barbara Florence Quentin

2017 Tout nous sépare (fr) Louise Keller Thierry Klifa (fr)

2017 Naissance d'une étoile Mlle Jean James Bort Short film

2018 Le dernier vide-grenier de Claire Darling

Julie Bertuccelli (fr) Post-production

2018 Mauvaises herbes Monique Kheiron Post-production



Dieu fumeur de havanes – by and with Serge Gainsbourg
Serge Gainsbourg
(original film soundtrack Je vous aime
Je vous aime
by Claude Berri) Quand on s'aime – duet with Gérard Depardieu, for a television programme

1981: Her first and only album issued – Souviens-toi de m'oublier written by Serge Gainsbourg

Digital delay Depression au-dessus du jardin Epsilon Monna Vanna et Miss Duncan Marine bond tremolo Ces petits riens (duet with Serge Gainsbourg) – original version performed by Gainsbourg and Juliette Gréco
Juliette Gréco
(1964) Souviens-toi de m'oublier (duet with Serge Gainsbourg) Overseas telegram What tu dis qu'est-ce tu say Oh Soliman Alice helas

1993: Paris
– by and with Malcolm McLaren 1997: Allo maman bobo – by Alain Souchon, during an evening with Les Enfoirés in 1997 with Alain Souchon, Jean-Jacques Goldman
Jean-Jacques Goldman
and Laurent Voulzy 1999: Joyeux anniversaire maman – by Stomy Bugsy
Stomy Bugsy
(original film soundtrack Belle-maman by Gabriel Aghion) 2000: Cvalda – by and with Björk
(original film soundtrack Dancer in the dark by Lars von Trier) 2001: Toi jamais – original film soundtrack Huit Femmes by François Ozon (original version performed by Sylvie Vartan
Sylvie Vartan
en 1976) 2006: Ho capito che ti amo
Ho capito che ti amo
– original film soundtrack Le héros de la famille by Thierry Klifa 2010: C'est beau la vie by Jean Ferrat
Jean Ferrat
– original film soundtrack Potiche
by François Ozon 2011: Tout est si calme with Clara Couste, Ludivine Sagnier
Ludivine Sagnier
and Chiara Mastroianni, Une fille légère in duet with Chiara Mastroianni, Je ne peux vivre sans t'aimer – original film soundtrack The Beloved by Christophe Honoré Audiobooks for Éditions des Femmes:

by Charles Perrault Bonjour tristesse
Bonjour tristesse
by Françoise Sagan Les Petits Chevaux de Tarquinia by Marguerite Duras Les Paradis aveugles by Duong Thu Huong La Marquise d'O by Heinrich Von Kleist Lettres à un jeune poète by Rainer Maria Rilke Lettres à ma mère by Sylvia Plath

Awards and nominations[edit] Academy Awards[edit]

Year Award Film Result

1993 Best Actress Indochine Nominated

BAFTA Awards[edit]

Year Award Film Result

1969 Best Actress Belle de Jour Nominated

César Awards[edit]

Year Award Film Result

1976 Best Actress Le Sauvage Nominated

1981 Le Dernier métro Won

1982 Hôtel des Amériques Nominated

1988 Agent trouble Nominated

1989 Drôle d'endroit pour une rencontre Nominated

1993 Indochine Won

1994 Ma saison préférée Nominated

1997 Les Voleurs Nominated

1999 Place Vendôme Nominated

2006 Best Supporting Actress Palais Royal! Nominated

2011 Best Actress Potiche Nominated

2014 On My Way Nominated

2015 In the Courtyard Nominated

2016 La Tête haute Nominated

Other Awards[edit]

Year Group Award Film Result

1965 NYFCC Award Best Actress Repulsion 3rd Place

1976 Bambi Award Film International Lovers Like Us Won

1981 David di Donatello Best Foreign Actress The Last Metro Won

1993 WIFTI Award Crystal Award – International Herself Won

1994 Goldene Kamera Best International Actress My Favorite Season Won

1995 San Sebastián IFF Award Donostia Award Herself Won

1997 Moscow IFF Award Silver St. George[26] Won

1998 Venice FF Award Volpi Cup
Volpi Cup
– Best Actress Place Vendôme Won

Berlin IFF Award[27] Honorary Golden Bear Herself Won

2000 AFF Award Actor's Mission Award Won

2001 Bambi Award Film International East/West Won

I'm Going Home

Dancer in the Dark

Satellite Award Best Supporting Actress – Drama Dancer in the Dark Nominated

2002 Berlin IFF Award Silver Berlin Bear 8 Women (shared with cast) Won

EFA Award Best Actress Won

2005 Cannes IFF Award Palme d'Or
Palme d'Or
d'honneur Herself Won

2006 Bangkok IFF Award Golden Kinnaree Award Won

Istanbul IFF Award Cinema Honorary Award Won

2008 Cannes IFF Award Special
Jury Award (shared with Clint Eastwood) Won

Satellite Award Best Actress – Motion Picture A Christmas Tale Nominated

2009 Globes de Cristal Award Best Actress Nominated

2011 Lumières Award Best Actress Potiche Nominated

2012 FSLC Award Gala Tribute Herself Won

Lumières Award Best Actress The Beloved Nominated

Manaki Brothers FF Award Special
Golden Camera 300 Herself Won

2013 Cabourg Film Festival Coup de Cœur On My Way Won

Lumières Award Best Actress Nominated

2015 Filmfest Hamburg Douglas-Sirk-Award Herself Won

2018 Globes de Cristal Award Best Actress The Midwife Pending

In 2000, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, California, Walk of Stars was dedicated to her.[28] In 2013, she was honoured for her lifetime achievement at the 26th European Film Awards.[29] In 2015, she received the Lifetime Achievement Golden Orange Award from International Antalya Film Festival, Turkey. See also[edit]

Cinema of France History of cinema


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Palm Springs Walk of Stars
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César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

1976 Romy Schneider 1977 Annie Girardot 1978 Simone Signoret 1979 Romy Schneider 1980 Miou-Miou 1981 Catherine Deneuve 1982 Isabelle Adjani 1983 Nathalie Baye 1984 Isabelle Adjani 1985 Sabine Azéma 1986 Sandrine Bonnaire 1987 Sabine Azéma 1988 Anémone 1989 Isabelle Adjani 1990 Carole Bouquet 1991 Anne Parillaud 1992 Jeanne Moreau 1993 Catherine Deneuve 1994 Juliette Binoche 1995 Isabelle Adjani 1996 Isabelle Huppert 1997 Fanny Ardant 1998 Ariane Ascaride 1999 Élodie Bouchez 2000 Karin Viard 2001 Dominique Blanc 2002 Emmanuelle Devos 2003 Isabelle Carré 2004 Sylvie Testud 2005 Yolande Moreau 2006 Nathalie Baye 2007 Marina Hands 2008 Marion Cotillard 2009 Yolande Moreau 2010 Isabelle Adjani 2011 Sara Forestier 2012 Bérénice Bejo 2013 Emmanuelle Riva 2014 Sandrine Kiberlain 2015 Adèle Haenel 2016 Catherine Frot 2017 Isabelle Huppert 2018 Jeanne Balibar

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David di Donatello
David di Donatello
Award for Best Foreign Actress

Ingrid Bergman
Ingrid Bergman
(1957) Deborah Kerr
Deborah Kerr
(1959) Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
(1960) Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot
(1961) Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
(1962) Geraldine Page
Geraldine Page
(1963) Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine
(1964) Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
(1965) Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews
(1966) Julie Christie
Julie Christie
/ Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
(1967) Faye Dunaway
Faye Dunaway
/ Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
(1968) Mia Farrow
Mia Farrow
/ Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand
(1969) Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli
(1970) Ali MacGraw
Ali MacGraw
(1971) Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
(1972) Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli
(1973) Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand
/ Tatum O'Neal
Tatum O'Neal
(1974) Liv Ullmann
Liv Ullmann
(1975) Isabelle Adjani
Isabelle Adjani
/ Glenda Jackson
Glenda Jackson
(1976) Faye Dunaway
Faye Dunaway
/ Annie Girardot
Annie Girardot
(1977) Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda
/ Simone Signoret
Simone Signoret
(1978) Ingrid Bergman
Ingrid Bergman
/ Liv Ullmann
Liv Ullmann
(1979) Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert
(1980) Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve
(1981) Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton
(1982) Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews
(1983) Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine
(1984) Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
(1985) Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
(1986) Norma Aleandro
Norma Aleandro
(1987) Cher
(1988) Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster
(1989) Jessica Tandy
Jessica Tandy
(1990) Anne Parillaud
Anne Parillaud
(1991) Geena Davis
Geena Davis
/ Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon
(1992) Emmanuelle Béart
Emmanuelle Béart
/ Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton
/ Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson
(1993) Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson
(1994) Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster
(1995) Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon

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European Film Award
European Film Award
for Best Actress

Carmen Maura
Carmen Maura
(1988) Ruth Sheen (1989) Carmen Maura
Carmen Maura
(1990) Clotilde Courau
Clotilde Courau
(1991) Juliette Binoche
Juliette Binoche
(1992) Maia Morgenstern
Maia Morgenstern
(1993) Emily Watson
Emily Watson
(1996) Juliette Binoche
Juliette Binoche
(1997) Élodie Bouchez
Élodie Bouchez
and Natacha Régnier
Natacha Régnier
(1998) Cecilia Roth
Cecilia Roth
(1999) Björk
(2000) Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert
(2001) Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Emmanuelle Béart, Fanny Ardant, Virginie Ledoyen, Danielle Darrieux, Ludivine Sagnier
Ludivine Sagnier
and Firmine Richard (2002) Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
(2003) Imelda Staunton
Imelda Staunton
(2004) Julia Jentsch
Julia Jentsch
(2005) Penélope Cruz
Penélope Cruz
(2006) Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
(2007) Kristin Scott Thomas
Kristin Scott Thomas
(2008) Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
(2009) Sylvie Testud
Sylvie Testud
(2010) Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton
(2011) Emmanuelle Riva
Emmanuelle Riva
(2012) Veerle Baetens
Veerle Baetens
(2013) Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard
(2014) Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
(2015) Sandra Hüller
Sandra Hüller
(2016) Alexandra Borbély
Alexandra Borbély

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European Film Academy Lifetime Achievement Award

  Ingmar Bergman
Ingmar Bergman
(1988)   Marcello Mastroianni
Marcello Mastroianni
(1988)   Federico Fellini
Federico Fellini
(1989)   Andrzej Wajda
Andrzej Wajda
(1990)   Alexandre Trauner (1991)   Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder
(1992)   Michelangelo Antonioni
Michelangelo Antonioni
(1993)   Robert Bresson (1994)   Marcel Carné
Marcel Carné
(1995)   Alec Guinness
Alec Guinness
(1996)   Jeanne Moreau
Jeanne Moreau
(1997)   Ennio Morricone
Ennio Morricone
(1999)   Richard Harris
Richard Harris
(2000)   Monty Python
Monty Python
(2001)   Tonino Guerra
Tonino Guerra
(2002)   Claude Chabrol
Claude Chabrol
(2003)   Carlos Saura
Carlos Saura
(2004)   Sean Connery
Sean Connery
(2005)   Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski
(2006)   Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Luc Godard
(2007)   Judi Dench
Judi Dench
(2008)   Ken Loach
Ken Loach
(2009)   Bruno Ganz
Bruno Ganz
(2010)   Stephen Frears
Stephen Frears
(2011)   Bernardo Bertolucci
Bernardo Bertolucci
(2012)   Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve
(2013)   Agnès Varda
Agnès Varda
(2014)   Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
(2015)   Jean-Claude Carrière
Jean-Claude Carrière
(2016) Alexander Sokurov
Alexander Sokurov

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Film Society of Lincoln Center
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Gala Tribute
Gala Tribute

Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
(1972) Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire
(1973) Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock
(1974) Joanne Woodward
Joanne Woodward
and Paul Newman
Paul Newman
(1975) George Cukor
George Cukor
(1978) Bob Hope
Bob Hope
(1979) John Huston
John Huston
(1980) Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
(1981) Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder
(1982) Laurence Olivier
Laurence Olivier
(1983) Claudette Colbert
Claudette Colbert
(1984) Federico Fellini
Federico Fellini
(1985) Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
(1986) Alec Guinness
Alec Guinness
(1987) Yves Montand
Yves Montand
(1988) Bette Davis
Bette Davis
(1989) James Stewart
James Stewart
(1990) Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
(1991) Gregory Peck
Gregory Peck
(1992) Jack Lemmon
Jack Lemmon
(1993) Robert Altman
Robert Altman
(1994) Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine
(1995) Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
(1996) Sean Connery
Sean Connery
(1997) Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese
(1998) Mike Nichols
Mike Nichols
(1999) Al Pacino
Al Pacino
(2000) Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda
(2001) Francis Ford Coppola
Francis Ford Coppola
(2002) Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon
(2003) Michael Caine
Michael Caine
(2004) Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman
(2005) Jessica Lange
Jessica Lange
(2006) Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton
(2007) Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
(2008) Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks
(2009) Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas
(2010) Sidney Poitier
Sidney Poitier
(2011) Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve
(2012) Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand
(2013) Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner
(2014) Robert Redford
Robert Redford
(2015) Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
(2016) Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro
(2017) Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren

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Volpi Cup
Volpi Cup
for Best Actress


Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
(1934) Paula Wessely
Paula Wessely
(1935) Annabella (1936) Bette Davis
Bette Davis
(1937) Norma Shearer
Norma Shearer
(1938) Luise Ullrich
Luise Ullrich
(1941) Kristina Söderbaum
Kristina Söderbaum
(1942) Anna Magnani
Anna Magnani
(1947) Jean Simmons
Jean Simmons
(1948) Olivia de Havilland
Olivia de Havilland
(1949) Eleanor Parker
Eleanor Parker
(1950) Vivien Leigh
Vivien Leigh
(1951) Ingrid Bergman
Ingrid Bergman
(1952) Lilli Palmer
Lilli Palmer
(1953) Maria Schell
Maria Schell
(1956) Dzidra Ritenberga (1957) Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
(1958) Madeleine Robinson (1959) Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine
(1960) Suzanne Flon
Suzanne Flon
(1961) Emmanuelle Riva
Emmanuelle Riva
(1962) Delphine Seyrig
Delphine Seyrig
(1963) Harriet Andersson
Harriet Andersson
(1964) Annie Girardot
Annie Girardot
(1965) Natalya Arinbasarova
Natalya Arinbasarova
(1966) Shirley Knight
Shirley Knight
(1967) Laura Betti
Laura Betti


Darling Légitimus
Darling Légitimus
(1983) Pascale Ogier
Pascale Ogier
(1984) Valeria Golino
Valeria Golino
(1986) Kang Soo-yeon (1987) Isabelle Huppert/ Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine
(1988) Peggy Ashcroft/ Geraldine James (1989) Gloria Münchmeyer
Gloria Münchmeyer
(1990) Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton
(1991) Gong Li
Gong Li
(1992) Juliette Binoche/ Anna Bonaiuto
Anna Bonaiuto
(1993) Maria de Medeiros/ Vanessa Redgrave
Vanessa Redgrave
(1994) Sandrine Bonnaire/Isabelle Huppert/ Isabella Ferrari
Isabella Ferrari
(1995) Victoire Thivisol (1996) Robin Tunney
Robin Tunney
(1997) Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve
(1998) Nathalie Baye
Nathalie Baye
(1999) Rose Byrne
Rose Byrne
(2000) Sandra Ceccarelli (2001) Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore
(2002) Katja Riemann
Katja Riemann
(2003) Imelda Staunton
Imelda Staunton
(2004) Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Giovanna Mezzogiorno
(2005) Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
(2006) Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett
(2007) Dominique Blanc
Dominique Blanc
(2008) Kseniya Rappoport
Kseniya Rappoport
(2009) Ariane Labed
Ariane Labed
(2010) Deanie Ip (2011) Hadas Yaron
Hadas Yaron
(2012) Elena Cotta
Elena Cotta
(2013) Alba Rohrwacher
Alba Rohrwacher
(2014) Valeria Golino
Valeria Golino
(2015) Emma Stone
Emma Stone
(2016) Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

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Alain Wertheimer Gérard Wertheimer Jacques Wertheimer Pierre Wertheimer


Coco Chanel Karl Lagerfeld


Little black dress Jacqueline Kennedy's pink Chanel


Bois des Îles Chanel
No. 5 Chanel
No. 19 Chanel
No. 22 Coco Coco Mademoiselle Cuir de Russie Égoïste


Ernest Beaux Jacques Polge Henri Robert

Other products

2.55 handbag Chanel
J12 watch

Promotional models

Marie-Hélène Arnaud Carole Bouquet Gisele Bündchen Cara Delevingne Catherine Deneuve Lily-Rose Depp Inès de La Fressange Nicole Kidman Keira Knightley Marilyn Monroe Kate Moss Anna Mouglalis Vanessa Paradis Suzy Parker Jean Shrimpton Audrey Tautou Gaspard Ulliel


Solitaire Coco Before Chanel Coco Chanel Coco Chanel
& Igor Stravinsky




The Allure of Chanel

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Presidents of the César Awards ceremonies

Jean Gabin
Jean Gabin
(1976) Lino Ventura
Lino Ventura
(1977) Jeanne Moreau
Jeanne Moreau
(1978) Charles Vanel
Charles Vanel
(1979) Jean Marais
Jean Marais
(1980) Yves Montand
Yves Montand
(1981) Orson Welles
Orson Welles
(1982) Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve
(1983) Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly
(1984) Simone Signoret
Simone Signoret
(1985) Madeleine Renaud
Madeleine Renaud
and Jean-Louis Barrault
Jean-Louis Barrault
(1986) Sean Connery
Sean Connery
(1987) Miloš Forman
Miloš Forman
(1988) Peter Ustinov
Peter Ustinov
(1989) Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas
(1990) Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
(1991) Michèle Morgan
Michèle Morgan
(1992) Marcello Mastroianni
Marcello Mastroianni
(1993) Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu
(1994) Alain Delon
Alain Delon
(1995) Philippe Noiret
Philippe Noiret
(1996) Annie Girardot
Annie Girardot
(1997) Juliette Binoche
Juliette Binoche
(1998) Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert
(1999) Alain Delon
Alain Delon
(2000) Daniel Auteuil
Daniel Auteuil
(2001) Nathalie Baye
Nathalie Baye
(2002) — (2003) Fanny Ardant
Fanny Ardant
(2004) Isabelle Adjani
Isabelle Adjani
(2005) Carole Bouquet
Carole Bouquet
(2006) Claude Brasseur
Claude Brasseur
(2007) Jean Rochefort
Jean Rochefort
(2008) Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg
(2009) Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard
(2010) Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster
(2011) Guillaume Canet
Guillaume Canet
(2012) Jamel Debbouze
Jamel Debbouze
(2013) François Cluzet
François Cluzet
(2014) Dany Boon
Dany Boon
(2015) Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch
(2016) – (2017)

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