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Catherine Zaccaria or Catherine Palaiologina (Greek: Αἰκατερίνα Παλαιολογίνα; died 26 August 1462) was the daughter of the last Prince of Achaea, Centurione II Zaccaria. In September 1429 she was betrothed to the Byzantine Despot of the Morea
Thomas Palaiologos, and married him in January 1430 at Mystras.[1][2] She remained in the Morea
as Thomas' consort (basilissa) until the Ottoman conquest in 1460, after which she fled to the Venetian-held island of Corfu. There she died on 26 August 1462, being buried in the Monastery of Jason and Sosipatros.[1] By her marriage with Thomas, she had four children, the sons Andreas and Manuel and the daughters Helena (wife of Lazar Branković
Lazar Branković
of Serbia) and Zoe (wife of Ivan III of Russia).[1] References[edit]

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