Cass may refer to:

People and fictional characters

* Cass (surname), a list of people * Cass (given name), a list of people and fictional characters * Big Cass, ring name of wrestler William Morrissey * Cass, in British band Skunk Anansie * Cass, British singer, artist name of Brian Casser * Henri Cassini (1781–1832), French botanist, standard author abbreviation "Cass." * Kevin Cassidy (born 1981), Gaelic footballer often referred to as "Cass"


United States

* Cass, Indiana, an unincorporated community * Cass, West Virginia, a census-designated place ** Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, in West Virginia * Cass County (disambiguation) * Bartow County, Georgia, formerly Cass County * Cass Township (disambiguation) * Fort Cass, in present-day Tennessee, 19th century US Army fortification

New Zealand

* Cass, New Zealand, a locality


* Cass Fjord

Multiple countries

* Cass Lake (disambiguation) * Cass River (disambiguation)


* Cass Business School, London * Cass High School (disambiguation), several high schools * Cass Technical High School, Detroit, Michigan


*Chinese Academy of Social Sciences *Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies *Coding Accuracy Support System *Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism, a Canadian organization *Cargo Accounts Settlement Systems of the International Air Transport Association

Other uses

* ''Cass'' (1978 film), an Australian television film * ''Cass'' (2008 film), a British crime drama * Cass, a brand of beer from the South Korean company Oriental Brewery * Cass identity model, theory of gay and lesbian identity development

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