Cardinal or The Cardinal may refer to:


* Cardinal (Catholic Church), a senior official of the Catholic Church * Cardinal (Church of England), two members of the College of Minor Canons of St. Paul's Cathedral


* Cardinal direction, one of the four primary directions: north, south, east, and west * Cardinal mark, a sea mark used in navigation


* Cardinal number ** Large cardinal


* Cardinal (bird) or Cardinalidae, a family of North and South American birds **''Cardinalis, genus of cardinal in the family Cardinalidae **''Cardinalis cardinalis'', or northern cardinal, the common cardinal of eastern North America * ''Argynnis pandora'', a species of butterfly * Cardinal tetra, a freshwater fish * ''Paroaria'', a South American genus of birds


* Cardinal, Manitoba, Canada * Cardinal, Ontario, Canada * Cardinal High School (Middlefield, Ohio), a public high school in Middlefield, Ohio, Geauga County, United States * Cardinal Power Plant, a power plant in Jefferson County, Ohio * Cardinal, Virginia, United States * C/2008 T2 (Cardinal), a comet

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''Cardinal'' (film), a 2001 American film directed by Michael Harring * ''Cardinals'' (film), a 2017 Canadian film * ''The Cardinal'' (1936 film), a British historical drama * ''The Cardinal'', a 1963 American film


* Cardinal (chess), a fairy chess piece, also known as the archbishop * Cardinal, a participant in the army drinking game Cardinal Puff



* Cardinal (band), indie pop duo formed in 1992 * The Cardinals (rock band), a group formed in 2003 * The Cardinals, a 1950s R&B group


* ''Cardinal'' (Cardinal album), 1994 * ''Cardinal'' (Pinegrove album), 2016


* ''Cardinal'' (TV series), a 2017 Canadian television series * "Cardinal" (''The Americans''), the second episode of the second season of the television series ''The Americans''

Other arts, entertainment, and media

* Cardinal (comics), a supervillain appearing in Marvel Comics * ''The Cardinal'' (play), a 1641 Caroline era tragedy by James Shirley * The Cardinal System, a system appearing in the ''Sword Art Online'' series


* Cardinal (grape), a table grape first produced in California in 1939 * ''Lobelia cardinalis'', also known as "cardinal flower"


* Cardinal Brewery, a brewery founded in 1788 by François Piller, located in Fribourg, Switzerland * Cardinal Health, a health care services company


* Arizona Cardinals, an American professional football team * Assindia Cardinals, an American football club from Essen, Germany * Ball State Cardinals, the athletic teams of Ball State University * Cardenales de Lara, a Venezuelan baseball team * Catholic University Cardinals, the athletic teams of the Catholic University of America * Front Royal Cardinals, an American baseball team * Lamar Cardinals, the athletic teams of Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, USA * Louisville Cardinals, the athletic teams of University of Louisville * Mapúa Cardinals, the athletic teams of Mapúa Institute of Technology * North Central Cardinals, the athletic teams of North Central College * St. John Fisher Cardinals, the athletic teams of St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY * St. Louis Cardinals, an American professional baseball team * Stanford Cardinal, the athletic teams of Stanford University * Wesleyan Cardinals, the athletic teams of Wesleyan University * West Perth Football Club, an Australian rules football club in Western Australia * Woking F.C., an English football team



* Cessna 177 Cardinal, a single engine aircraft * St. Louis Cardinal C-2-110, a light aircraft built in 1928 * NCSIST Cardinal, a family of small UAVs


* ''Cardinal'' (train) * ''The Cardinal'' (railcar)


* Cardinal number (linguistics), a part of speech for expressing numbers by name * Cardinal vowel, a concept in phonetics

Other uses

* Cardinal (color), a vivid red * Cardinal (name), a surname * Cardinal, a Ruby programming language implementation using for the Parrot virtual machine

See also

* Cardenal, a surname * Cardinal sin or cardinal syn * Cardinale, a surname {{disambiguation|geo