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The Calder Memorial Trophy
Calder Memorial Trophy
is an annual award given "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League
National Hockey League
(NHL)." It is named after Frank Calder, the first president of the NHL. Serving as the NHL's Rookie of the Year award, this version of the trophy has been awarded since its creation for the 1936–37 NHL season. The voting is conducted by members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association at the conclusion of each regular season to determine the winner.


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NHL president Red Dutton
Red Dutton
presenting the Calder Memorial Trophy
Calder Memorial Trophy
to Gus Bodnar in 1944

The Calder Memorial Trophy
Calder Memorial Trophy
is named in honour of Frank Calder, the former President of the National Hockey League
National Hockey League
(NHL) from its inception in 1917 to his death in 1943. Although Rookie of the Year honors were handed out beginning in 1932–33, the Calder Trophy was first presented at the conclusion of the 1936–37 NHL season.[1] After Calder's death in 1943 the trophy was renamed the Calder Memorial Trophy.[2] In 1990, Sergei Makarov of the Calgary Flames
Calgary Flames
became the oldest player, at age 31, to win the trophy, even though he had played for HC CSKA Moscow (the "Red Army" team) in the Soviet Union.[3] After that season, the rules for awarding the Calder were amended so that players could only be eligible if they were younger than 26 years old by September 15 of their rookie season.[2] To be eligible for the award, a player cannot have played any more than 25 regular season games previously in any single season, nor have played in more than six regular season games in each of two separate preceding seasons in any major professional league.[2] The latter fact was perhaps most prominent when in the 1979–80 season, first-year phenom Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky
was not eligible to win the Calder Trophy despite scoring 137 points (the previous rookie record at the time being 95), because he had played a full season the previous year in the World Hockey Association.[4] In 1991, goaltender Ed Belfour
Ed Belfour
won the Calder having previously appeared in 32 games with the Chicago Blackhawks over the 1988–89 and 1989–90 seasons.[5] Belfour was eligible for the award because nine of those appearances came during the 1990 Stanley Cup
Stanley Cup
playoffs, and the other 23 appearances were made during the 1988-89 season. The nine playoff games did not count towards the regular season eligibility requirements. In 2010–11, Logan Couture was eligible for the Calder Trophy despite having played in 40 previous games (25 in the regular season and 15 in the playoffs, both in 2009–10), while Alex Pietrangelo
Alex Pietrangelo
was ineligible despite having played only 17 previous games (eight in 2008–09 and nine in 2009–10, both times sent back to juniors). The trophy has been won the most times by rookies from the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have won it on ten occasions, with the most recent being Auston Matthews
Auston Matthews
in 2017. The voting is conducted at the end of the regular season by members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association, and each individual voter ranks their top five candidates on a 10–7–5–3–1 points system.[6] Three finalists are named and the trophy is awarded at the NHL Awards ceremony after the playoffs. Winners[edit]

Howie Meeker, winner in 1947

Terry Sawchuk, winner in 1951

Roger Crozier, winner in 1965

Eric Vail, winner in 1975

Mario Lemieux, winner in 1985

Pavel Bure, winner in 1992

Daniel Alfredsson, winner in 1996

Alexander Ovechkin, winner in 2006

Gabriel Landeskog, winner in 2012

Positions key

C Centre

LW Left Wing

D Defence

RW Right Wing

G Goaltender

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Calder Memorial Trophy
Calder Memorial Trophy

Season Winner Team Position Age[a]

1932–33 Voss, CarlCarl Voss Detroit Red Wings C 25

1933–34 Blinco, RussRuss Blinco Montreal Maroons C 25

1934–35 Schriner, SweeneySweeney Schriner New York Americans LW 22

1935–36 Karakas, MikeMike Karakas Chicago Black Hawks G 23

1936–37 Apps, SylSyl Apps Toronto Maple Leafs C 21

1937–38 Dahlstrom, CullyCully Dahlstrom Chicago Black Hawks C 24

1938–39 Brimsek, FrankFrank Brimsek Boston Bruins G 24

1939–40 MacDonald, KilbyKilby MacDonald New York Rangers LW 25

1940–41 Quilty, JohnnyJohnny Quilty Montreal Canadiens C 19

1941–42 Warwick, GrantGrant Warwick New York Rangers RW 19

1942–43 Stewart, GayeGaye Stewart Toronto Maple Leafs RW 19

1943–44 Bodnar, GusGus Bodnar Toronto Maple Leafs C 20

1944–45 McCool, FrankFrank McCool Toronto Maple Leafs G 25

1945–46 Laprade, EdgarEdgar Laprade New York Rangers C 25

1946–47 Meeker, HowieHowie Meeker Toronto Maple Leafs RW 21

1947–48 McFadden, JimJim McFadden Detroit Red Wings C 27

1948–49 Lund, PenttiPentti Lund New York Rangers RW 22

1949–50 Gelineau, JackJack Gelineau Boston Bruins G 24

1950–51 Sawchuk, TerryTerry Sawchuk Detroit Red Wings G 20

1951–52 Geoffrion, BernieBernie Geoffrion Montreal Canadiens RW 20

1952–53 Worsley, GumpGump Worsley New York Rangers G 23

1953–54 Henry, CamilleCamille Henry New York Rangers C 20

1954–55 Litzenberger, EdEd Litzenberger Chicago Black Hawks RW 22

1955–56 Hall, GlennGlenn Hall Detroit Red Wings G 23

1956–57 Regan, LarryLarry Regan Boston Bruins RW 26

1957–58 Mahovlich, FrankFrank Mahovlich Toronto Maple Leafs LW 19

1958–59 Backstrom, RalphRalph Backstrom Montreal Canadiens C 20

1959–60 Hay, BillBill Hay Chicago Black Hawks C 23

1960–61 Keon, DaveDave Keon Toronto Maple Leafs C 20

1961–62 Rousseau, BobbyBobby Rousseau Montreal Canadiens RW 21

1962–63 Douglas, KentKent Douglas Toronto Maple Leafs D 26

1963–64 Laperriere, JacquesJacques Laperriere Montreal Canadiens D 21

1964–65 Crozier, RogerRoger Crozier Detroit Red Wings G 22

1965–66 Selby, BritBrit Selby Toronto Maple Leafs LW 20

1966–67 Orr, BobbyBobby Orr Boston Bruins D 18

1967–68 Sanderson, DerekDerek Sanderson Boston Bruins C 21

1968–69 Grant, DannyDanny Grant Minnesota North Stars RW 23

1969–70 Esposito, TonyTony Esposito Chicago Black Hawks G 26

1970–71 Perreault, GilbertGilbert Perreault Buffalo Sabres C 19

1971–72 Dryden, KenKen Dryden Montreal Canadiens G 24

1972–73 Vickers, SteveSteve Vickers New York Rangers LW 21

1973–74 Potvin, DenisDenis Potvin New York Islanders D 19

1974–75 Vail, EricEric Vail Atlanta Flames LW 20

1975–76 Trottier, BryanBryan Trottier New York Islanders C 19

1976–77 Plett, WilliWilli Plett Atlanta Flames RW 21

1977–78 Bossy, MikeMike Bossy New York Islanders RW 20

1978–79 Smith, BobbyBobby Smith Minnesota North Stars C 20

1979–80 Bourque, RayRay Bourque Boston Bruins D 19

1980–81 Stastny, PeterPeter Stastny Quebec Nordiques C 24

1981–82 Hawerchuk, DaleDale Hawerchuk Winnipeg Jets C 18

1982–83 Larmer, SteveSteve Larmer Chicago Black Hawks RW 21

1983–84 Barrasso, TomTom Barrasso Buffalo Sabres G 18

1984–85 Lemieux, MarioMario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins C 19

1985–86 Suter, GaryGary Suter Calgary Flames D 21

1986–87 Robitaille, LucLuc Robitaille Los Angeles Kings LW 20

1987–88 Nieuwendyk, JoeJoe Nieuwendyk Calgary Flames C 21

1988–89 Leetch, BrianBrian Leetch New York Rangers D 20

1989–90 Makarov, SergeiSergei Makarov Calgary Flames RW 31

1990–91 Belfour, EdEd Belfour Chicago Blackhawks G 25

1991–92 Bure, PavelPavel Bure Vancouver Canucks RW 20

1992–93 Selanne, TeemuTeemu Selanne Winnipeg Jets RW 22

1993–94 Brodeur, MartinMartin Brodeur New Jersey Devils G 21

1994–95 Forsberg, PeterPeter Forsberg Quebec Nordiques C 21

1995–96 Alfredsson, DanielDaniel Alfredsson Ottawa Senators RW 22

1996–97 Berard, BryanBryan Berard New York Islanders D 19

1997–98 Samsonov, SergeiSergei Samsonov Boston Bruins LW 19

1998–99 Drury, ChrisChris Drury Colorado Avalanche C 22

1999–2000 Gomez, ScottScott Gomez New Jersey Devils C 19

2000–01 Nabokov, EvgeniEvgeni Nabokov San Jose Sharks G 25

2001–02 Heatley, DanyDany Heatley Atlanta Thrashers RW 20

2002–03 Jackman, BarretBarret Jackman St. Louis Blues D 21

2003–04 Raycroft, AndrewAndrew Raycroft Boston Bruins G 23

2004–05[b] & —

& —

& —

& —

2005–06 Ovechkin, AlexanderAlexander Ovechkin Washington Capitals LW 20

2006–07 Malkin, EvgeniEvgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins C 20

2007–08 Kane, PatrickPatrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks RW 19

2008–09 Mason, SteveSteve Mason Columbus Blue Jackets G 21

2009–10 Myers, TylerTyler Myers Buffalo Sabres D 20

2010–11 Skinner, JeffJeff Skinner Carolina Hurricanes C 18

2011–12 Landeskog, GabrielGabriel Landeskog Colorado Avalanche LW 19

2012–13 Huberdeau, JonathanJonathan Huberdeau Florida Panthers LW 19

2013–14 MacKinnon, NathanNathan MacKinnon Colorado Avalanche C 18

2014–15 Ekblad, AaronAaron Ekblad Florida Panthers D 19

2015–16 Panarin, ArtemiArtemi Panarin Chicago Blackhawks LW 24

2016–17 Matthews, AustonAuston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs C 19

^ Player's age at the time of award win ^ No winner because of the 2004–05 NHL lockout

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National Hockey League
awards List of NHL players List of NHL statistical leaders


Calder Trophy history at NHL.com Calder Trophy profile at Legends of Hockey.net

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Ed Belfour
hockey statistics and profile". Internet Hockey Database. Retrieved February 8, 2015.  ^ Dolezar, Jon (April 20, 2003). "Foppa shows the most Hart". Sports Illustrated. Retrieved August 17, 2007. 

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