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The Book of Song (Sòng Shū) is a historical text of the Liu Song Dynasty of the Southern Dynasties
Southern Dynasties
of China. It covers history from 420 to 479, and is one of the Twenty-Four Histories, a traditional collection of historical records. It was written in 492–493 by Shen Yue from the Southern Qi
Southern Qi
dynasty (479–502).[1] The work contained 100 volumes at the time that it was written, but some volumes were already missing by the time of the Song Dynasty. Later editors reconstructed those volumes by taking material from the History of the Southern Dynasties, plus a few works such as the Historiette of Gao by Gao Jun, though many of those volumes were no longer in their original condition. References[edit]

^ Wilkinson, Endymion (2012). Chinese History: A New Manual. Harvard University Asia Center. p. 730. ISBN 978-0-674-06715-8. 

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Twenty-Four Histories

Records of the Grand Historian
Records of the Grand Historian
(Sima Qian) Book of Han
Book of Han
(Ban Gu) Book of the Later Han
Book of the Later Han
(Fan Ye) Records of the Three Kingdoms
Records of the Three Kingdoms
(Chen Shou) Book of Jin ( Fang Xuanling
Fang Xuanling
et al.) Book of Song (Shen Yue) Book of Qi
Book of Qi
(Xiao Zixian) Book of Liang (Yao Silian) Book of Chen (Yao Silian) Book of Wei (Wei Shou) Book of Northern Qi (Li Baiyao) Book of Zhou ( Linghu Defen et al.) Book of Sui ( Wei Zheng
Wei Zheng
et al.) History of the Southern Dynasties
Southern Dynasties
(Li Yanshou) History of the Northern Dynasties (Li Yanshou) Old Book of Tang
Old Book of Tang
(Liu Xu et al.) New Book of Tang ( Ouyang Xiu
Ouyang Xiu
et al.) Old History of the Five Dynasties ( Xue Juzheng
Xue Juzheng
et al.) Historical Records of the Five Dynasties (Ouyang Xiu) History of Song (Toqto'a et al.) History of Liao (Toqto'a et al.) History of Jin (Toqto'a et al.) History of Yuan ( Song Lian
Song Lian
et al.) History of Ming ( Zhang Tingyu
Zhang Tingyu
et al.)

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