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Bilkent University
Bilkent University
(in Turkish, Bilkent Üniversitesi) is a private university located in Ankara, Turkey. It was founded by Prof. İhsan Doğramacı in 1984, with the aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research.[2] It was the first private university established in the country. The name Bilkent is an acronym of bilim kenti: Turkish for "city of science".


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History[edit] Preparations for the establishment of the university began in 1967, with the purchase of a tract of land to the west of Ankara. In the late 1970s the foundations of the buildings which now house administrative offices, the faculty of engineering, and the library, were laid. Construction of residences for academic staff, cafeterias, student dormitories, and various academic buildings followed rapidly.[2] Campus[edit] The university occupies three campuses. They are located about 12 km west of the center of Ankara, and cover a total area of more than 300 hectares.[3] Library[edit] The university library houses a large collection of books with annual acquisitions valued at over 3 million U.S. dollars. As of 2017, Bilkent University
Bilkent University
Library is the largest university library of Turkey, and it is the only university library to rank in the top 10 libraries in the country.[4]

A student from the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, performing in the Bilkent University
Bilkent University
Library Art Gallery.

In addition to books, the collection includes periodical subscriptions, microforms, CD-ROM, access to numerous online databases and electronic journals, DVD, VHS and audio cassettes. Sheet music and sound recordings are available in the music rooms. The library also hosts a number of private collections and an exhibition hall.[5] Academics[edit] The university offers 33 undergraduate majors, together with 32 graduate programs spanning 22 different fields. Faculties[edit]

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Faculty of Business Administration Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences Faculty of Education Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Humanities and Letters Faculty of Law Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Faculty of Science


School of Applied Languages School of Applied Technology and Management Vocational School of Computer Technology and Office Management Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Services

Rankings[edit] As of 2018, Times Higher Education World University Rankings
Times Higher Education World University Rankings
has been positioning Bilkent among the top 5 universities in Turkey,[6] among the best 100 universities under the age of 50 years,[7] and among the top 50 universities in emerging economies[8] since the rankings were created. The Faculty of Business Administration of Bilkent University
Bilkent University
was the first business school in Turkey
to be accredited by AACSB; less than 5% of the business schools around the world have received this accreditation.[9] The business school has been ranked by Eduniversal among the best business schools of the Eurasia
region for international influence.[10] Regarding the Faculty of Engineering, The Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked Bilkent among the top 100 universities for Engineering and Technology in 2014,[11] which made it the only university in Turkey
to make it to the top 100 in a subject list. According to QS Rankings of 2012 and 2013 the university lies on 151-200th rank in terms of "Economics & Econometrics".[12] Student life[edit] Sports[edit] Students can participate in many sports courses and be trained by university staff, mostly for free. The university presents many individuals and teams in different sports in varsity competitions. The most well-known sport teams of the university are the Bilkent Goats and the Bilkent Judges, the ultimate team and the football team, respectively. Student unions and clubs[edit] The board and the departmental members of the Bilkent Student Union are chosen annually among all registered university students. The Student Union is the main sponsor and the organizer of Mayfest, the traditional Bilkent University
Bilkent University
summer festival. Various student clubs organize regular activities every day in the campus, mostly open to everyone. All students are allowed to join, or participate in the events and activities of any club they wish to. Recreation[edit] Bilkent University
Bilkent University
is host to numerous events regarding music and the performing arts. The university also sponsors frequent lectures, art exhibitions, and literary evenings throughout the academic year. During the first week of may, each year Mayfest is held. Mayfest is a well-known festival among the youth of Ankara, consisting of a large number of activities, as well as open-air concerts where renowned Turkish pop and rock bands and singers take the stage every night throughout the week. Noted people[edit] Faculty[edit] Main category: Bilkent University
Bilkent University

Gürer Aykal
Gürer Aykal
- Faculty of Music, conductor Suna Kan - Faculty of Music, violinist Gülsin Onay
Gülsin Onay
- Faculty of Music, pianist Fazıl Say
Fazıl Say
- Faculty of Music, pianist Talat Sait Halman (deceased in 2014)- Dean of the School of Humanities and Letters, first Minister of Culture of Turkey Stanford J. Shaw
Stanford J. Shaw
(deceased in 2006) - Faculty of History Halil İnalcık
Halil İnalcık
- Faculty of History Norman Stone - Faculty of International Relations, and History Hikmet Sami Türk - Faculty of Law, former Minister of Justice of Turkey İlber Ortaylı
İlber Ortaylı
- Faculty of Law Sami Selçuk - Faculty of Law, former Head Judge of the Supreme Court of Turkey Hilmi Volkan Demir
Hilmi Volkan Demir
- Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, and Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Director of UNAM Abdullah Atalar
Abdullah Atalar
- Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Orhan Aytür - Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Erdal Arikan - Founder of Polar Codes, Faculty of Engineering, Department in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mustafa Akgül - School of Applied Technology and Management, Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems

Alumni[edit] Main category: Bilkent University
Bilkent University

Başak Köklükaya - Actress Binnur Kaya - Actress Demir Demirkan
Demir Demirkan
- Rock musician Emrah Yucel - Graphic designer and president of the Turkish Film Festival[13] Murat Karahan - Tenor/General Director of the State Opera and Ballet (Turkey) Erdem Başçı
Erdem Başçı
- Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Gizem Girişmen
Gizem Girişmen
- Disabled female archer. Won gold medal at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in the category of individual recurve W1/W2 Gizem Memiç - Former Miss Turkey
titleholder who represented Turkey both in Miss Universe and Miss World beauty pageants in 2010. Hakan Fidan
Hakan Fidan
- Turkish soldier, teacher, diplomat and the Head of National Intelligence Organization (Turkey) Haluk Akakçe - Painter and audiovisual artist Hande Dalkılıç - Pianist Ibrahim Sirkeci
Ibrahim Sirkeci
- Professor of Transnational Studies and Marketing at Regent's University London Kaan Tangöze - Rock musician as known from Duman Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu
Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu
- Politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Nasuh Mahruki
Nasuh Mahruki
- Mountaineer, first Turk to climb Mt. Everest and the founder of search and rescue team, AKUT Orkut Büyükkökten
Orkut Büyükkökten
- a Turkish employee of Google who developed the social networking service called Orkut Şahan Gökbakar - Comedian Tamer Karadağlı - Actor Tarkan Gözübüyük - Musician as known from Pentagram, Producer Vuslat Doğan Sabancı
Vuslat Doğan Sabancı
- Chairwoman of Hürriyet Yasemin Mori
Yasemin Mori
- Musician Yiğit Bulut - Journalist and a senior advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Affiliations[edit] Centers[edit]

National Research Center for Magnetic Resonance (UMRAM)[14] Bilkent University
Bilkent University
Center for European Union Affairs Ahmed Adnan Saygun Center for Music Research and Education Bilkent Center for Advanced Studies (BICAS) Center for Mind, Language & Culture Center for Brain Research Center for Environmental Sciences Center for International Economics Center for Russian Studies Center for Studies in Society and Politics Center for Turkish Language and Speech Processing Center for Turkish Politics and History Center for Research in Transitional Societies (CRTS) Center for Turkish Literature Communications and Spectrum Management Research Center (ISYAM) Genetics and Biotechnology Research and Development Center (BILGEN) Halil Inalcik Center of Ottoman Studies Nanotechnology Research Center (NANOTAM)[15] National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM)[16] Bilkent University
Bilkent University
Computational Electromagnetics Research Center (BiLCEM) [17]


Institute of Economic and Social Sciences Institute of Engineering and Science Institute of Fine Arts Institute of Music and Performing Arts Institute of World Systems, Economies and Strategic Research Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology

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