Bel Kyesang Dongtsab (Tibetan: འབལ་སྐྱེས་ཟང་སྡོང་ཚབWylie: vbal skyes zang ldong tshab; ? – 755), also known as Bel Dongtsab, was a general of Tibetan Empire.

Bel Dongtsab invaded Bruzha (mordern Gilgit in Pakistan) in 737 and conquered it. Later, he was appointed as the "Great Minister" (Tibetan: བློན་ཆེན་Wylie: blon chen) by Me Agtsom.

Bel Dongtsab murdered Me Agtsom in 755, and launched a rebellion together with his colleague Lang Nyesig. They were supported by the Sumpa king Dro Tsen. Dongtsab was defeated by two famous generals, Chimshang Gyalsig Shuteng and Nganlam Takdra Lukhong, and was captured. He was executed together with Lang Nyesig and their family members.


Political offices
Preceded by
Dro Chungsang Ormang
"Lönchen" of Tibet
747? – 755
Succeeded by
We Nangshar Sutsen