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Beijing Television interviews Beijing Subway officials around 10:00 30 December 2012, the day when over 40 new stations were open, and Beijing Subway became the longest in the world.
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Beijing Media Network (BMN; simplified Chinese: 北京广播电视台; traditional Chinese: 北京廣播電視台; pinyin: Běijīng Guǎngbò Diànshìtái) is a government-owned television network in the People's Republic of China. It broadcasts from Beijing. The channel is available only in Chinese.

Beijing Media Network was founded in 16 May 1979. It covers China, Asia and North America. China Central Television was called Beijing Television from 1958 to 1978.

List of BMN channels

The group has ten primary channels, which were formerly numbered sequentially (BTV-1, BTV-2, etc.):

  • Beijing Television (Chinese: BTV 北京卫视)
  • BTV Arts Channel (Chinese: BTV 文艺)
  • BTV Science and Education Channel (Chinese: BTV 科教)
  • BTV Entertainment Channel (Chinese: BTV 影视)
  • BTV Finance Channel (Chinese: BTV 财经)
  • BTV Sports Channel (Chinese: BTV 体育)
  • BTV Lifestyle Channel (Chinese: BTV 生活)
  • BTV Youth Channel (Chinese: BTV 青年)
  • BTV News Channel (Chinese: BTV 新闻)
  • BTV Kaku Kids Channel (Chinese: 卡酷少儿)

Additionally, the network provides:

  • BTV International Channel (for overseas viewers; available on Dish Network)
  • BTV Theater Channel (Chinese: 京视剧场频道; pinyin: jīngshì jùchǎng píndào) TV Drama Channel (digital broadcasting)
  • Loving Home Shopping Channel (Chinese: 爱家购物频道; pinyin: àijiā gòuwù píndào) TV Shopping Channel (digital broadcasting)

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