The Info List - Battle Of El Ksiba

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The Battle of El Ksiba
El Ksiba
took place at El Ksiba
El Ksiba
in Morocco
8-10 June 1913.[1] It was a battle in the French conquest of Morocco. However despite inflicting greater casualties on their enemy than they sustained themselves, the French military governor of Morocco, Hubert Lyautey held the field commander Charles Mangin
Charles Mangin
responsible for unacceptable loses. Mangin was removed from his command and soon returned to France.[2] Following his victory at the battle of Sidi Bou Othman in September 1912, Mangin was given the command of Oued Zem References[edit]

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Franco-Spanish conquest of Morocco

French protectorate in Morocco Spanish protectorate in Morocco

Major conflicts

Rif War
Rif War
(1920–26) Zaian War
Zaian War


Tetuan War (1859–60) Melilla War (1893–94) Battle of Casablanca (1908) Melilla War (1909–10) Battle of Sidi Bou Othman
Battle of Sidi Bou Othman
(1912) Battle of El Ksiba
El Ksiba
(1913) Battle of El Herri
Battle of El Herri
(1914) Battle of Annual
Battle of Annual

Key people


Mohammed Ameziane Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni Mouha ou Hammou Zayani Moha ou Said Mhand n'Ifrutant Ali Amhaouch Sidi Ahmed El Hiba Ma al-'Aynayn Abd el-Krim Assou Oubasslam Aït Atta Zayanes Beni Ouryaghel


General Mangin General Lyautey General Henrys General Poeymirau Marshal Pétain Henry de Bournazel

French allies

Thami El Glaoui Sultan Moulay Youssef


Juan García y Margallo Martínez-Campos Manuel Fernández Silvestre Dámaso Berenguer José Millán Astray Miguel Primo de Rivera José Sanjurjo Generalísimo Francisco Franco

Spanish allies

Mohamed Meziane


Treaty of Fez (1894) Algeciras Conference
Algeciras Conference
(1906) Pact of Cartagena (1907) Treaty of Fes (1912) Franco-Spanish Treaty (1912)


First Moroccan Crisis
First Moroccan Crisis
(1905) Ag