A bartizan (an alteration of ''bratticing''), also called a guerite, ''garita'', or ''échauguette'', or spelled bartisan, is an overhanging, wall-mounted
turret upTurret (highlighted) attached to a tower on a baronial building in Scotland In architecture File:Plan d'exécution du second étage de l'hôtel de Brionne (dessin) De Cotte 2503c – Gallica 2011 (adjusted).jpg, upright=1.45, alt=Plan d ...

projecting from the walls of late medieval and early-modern
fortification A fortification is a military A military, also known collectively as armed forces, is a heavily armed, highly organized force primarily intended for warfare. It is typically officially authorized and maintained by a sovereign state, w ...

s from the early 14th century up to the 18th century. Most frequently found at corners, they protected a warder and enabled him to see his surroundings. Bartizans generally are furnished with
s or
arrow slit. This shows the inside - where the archer would have stood. An arrowslit (often also referred to as an arrow loop, loophole or loop hole, and sometimes a balistraria) is a narrow vertical aperture in a fortification A fortification is a mil ...
s. The turret was usually supported by stepped masonry
corbel In architecture File:Plan d'exécution du second étage de l'hôtel de Brionne (dessin) De Cotte 2503c – Gallica 2011 (adjusted).jpg, upright=1.45, alt=Plan d'exécution du second étage de l'hôtel de Brionne (dessin) De Cotte 2503c – G ...

s and could be round, polygonal or square. Bartizans were incorporated into many notable examples of
Scottish Baronial architecture Scottish Baronial or Scots Baronial is an architectural style An architectural style is a set of characteristics and features that make a building or other structure notable or historically identifiable. It is a sub-class of Style (visual arts), ...
. In the
architecture of Aberdeen File:Aberdeen St Mark's. A Marshall Mackenzie (1847-1933), 1892, photo jc 2010.jpg, St Mark's Church, Rosemount Viaduct The architecture of Aberdeen, Scotland, is known for the use of granite as the principal construction material. The stone, w ...
, the new Town House, built in 1868–74, incorporates bartizans in the West Tower.


At walls

File:Round Bartizan, Fortaleza de Santiago, Sesimbra, Portugal.JPG, ''Guarita'' at Fortaleza de Santiago,
Sesimbra Municipality Sesimbra () is a municipality of Portugal, in the Setúbal District and formerly in the historic Estremadura Province (1936-1976), Estremadura Province, lying at the foothills of the ''Serra da Arrábida'', a mountain range between Setúbal and Se ...
, Portugal. File:Sudika Isla watchtower.jpg, ''Gardjola'' at Fortifications of Senglea, the Spur, Senglea, Malta. File:Canuelo-2.jpg, ''Garita'' at El Cañuelo in the San Juan Bay, Bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico. File:Bartizan.jpg, South-East Bartizan on Greenknowe Tower, Scottish Borders (and another one in the background) File:Ft de Chartres-bastion-1.jpg, Bartizan at Fort de Chartres, a French colonial era fort in Illinois on the Mississippi River. File:Garita at Castillo de San Cristobal-Detail.jpg, ''Garita'' at Castillo San Cristóbal (San Juan) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. File:JerusalemBevingrad.jpg, A bartizan-style British concrete position at Sergei courtyard, Jerusalem. This is probably the sole existing testimony of the British "Bevingrad" constructed in 1946. File:Devil's Sentry Box or the "Garita del Diablo", en el Morro y el Atlantico.tiff, Devil's Sentry Box, or the "Garita del Diablo", San Cristóbal Castle, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

At towers

File:Town House, top of West Tower, Aberdeen, Peddie and Kinnear, 1868-74, photo Jane Cartney 2010RESIZED200.jpg, Bartizans on the West Tower of the new Town House in Aberdeen, Scotland, 1868–74. File:Torre de belem vista do tejo.jpg, Manueline ''Guaritas'' at Belém Tower in Lisbon, Portugal. File:Feartagar Castle, County Galway - bartizans.jpg, Bartizans at Feartagar Castle, Ireland. File:'s-Heerenberg Huis Bergh Hof 4.jpg, Courtyard of Bergh House, 's-Heerenberg, Netherlands File:Vredespaleis 1.JPG, The Peace Palace bell tower, The Hague, Netherlands File:A belváros (The city centre) - panoramio.jpg, Martinstor, Freiburg, Germany

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* Bretèche * Garret—an attic or top floor room in the military sense; a watchtower from the French word ''garite''


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