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Barack Obama Day
Obama Day
is a day of recognition that will occur every August 4, starting from 2018, in the state of Illinois for Barack Obama, who was a member of the Illinois
Senate from 1997–2004, represented the state in the United States Senate from 2005–2008, and was the President of the United States from 2009–2017. Similar to other commemorative holidays, it is not a legal state holiday, meaning workplaces are not closed on the day. It is held on President Obama's birthday annually. [1]


1 History

1.1 Perry County, Alabama 1.2 Illinois

2 Other recognition days 3 Legislative history 4 References

History[edit] Perry County, Alabama[edit] Perry County, Alabama, declared the second Monday of November to be Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Day.[2] Illinois[edit] A first version of the bill planned for the Obama Day
Obama Day
celebration to be a state holiday. The bill was introduced by Reps André Thapedi
André Thapedi
and Sonya Harper but it was rejected by the House in March 2017.[3] A few months later, Illinois
Senate Bill 55 was passed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner
Bruce Rauner
on August 4, 2017. The bill was introduced to the senate floor by Senator Emil Jones III,[citation needed] and passed both houses of the Illinois
General Assembly on May 19, 2017 with no votes against it, though several legislators abstained from the vote.[citation needed] It was handed to the governor for approval on June 16 of that year.[4] A previous bill that also designated a holiday for President Obama
on his birthday was not passed earlier in 2017, due to economic concerns to it being a legal holiday. The bill was introduced by Representatives Andre Thapedi
Andre Thapedi
and Sonya Harper. The latter sponsored the later, successful bill.[5] President Barack Obama is one of four presidents from Illinois, the other three being Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Ulysses S. Grant. Other recognition days[edit] Main article: Obama
Day Since the United States
United States
presidential election of 2008, Obama Day
Obama Day
is celebrated annually on November 6 in Kenya, the country from which President Obama's father, Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Sr., originated.[6] Legislative history[edit]

Session Short description Synopsis as introduced Bill number Date introduced Senate Assembly Governor Sponsors

100th Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Day Amends the State Commemorative Dates Act. Provides that August 4 of each year is designated as Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Day. SB 0055 Prefiled December 28, 2016 Passed the Senate 47–0 Passed the House 87–0 Signed into Law by the Governor on August 4, 2017

Senators Emil Jones III, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Patricia Van Pelt, Iris Y. Martinez, Mattie Hunter, Terry Link, and Donne E. Trotter Representatives Marcus C. Evans Jr., Sonya M. Harper, Litesa E. Wallace, Carol Ammons, William Davis, Juliana Stratton, La Shawn K. Ford, Al Riley


^ Carter, Brandon (August 6, 2017). " Illinois
makes ' Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Day' a state holiday". TheHill. Retrieved August 7, 2017.  ^ "Renamed schools, streets mark early tributes to Obama". USA Today. January 26, 2009. Retrieved November 23, 2013.  ^ " Illinois
Lawmakers Reject ' Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Day': Report". Nbcchicago.com. 21 March 2017. Retrieved 6 November 2017.  ^ " Illinois
General Assembly – Bill Status for SB0055". www.ilga.gov. Retrieved August 7, 2017.  ^ " Illinois
Lawmakers Reject ' Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Day': Report". NBC Chicago. Retrieved August 7, 2017.  ^ " Kenya
declares holiday for Obama". BBC News. November 5, 2008. Retrieved August 22, 2017. 

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Barack Obama

44th President of the United States
President of the United States
(2009–2017) U.S. Senator from Illinois
(2005–2008) Illinois
Senator from the 13th district (1997–2004)

Life and politics

Early life and career Illinois
Senate career 2004 Democratic National Convention U.S. Senate career Political positions

Administration foreign policy Economic Energy Mass surveillance Social Space

Nobel Peace Prize West Wing Week


Transition 2009 inauguration 2013 inauguration First 100 days Timeline

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 January 2017

Foreign policy

War in Afghanistan Iraq withdrawal Death of Osama bin Laden Iran deal Cuban Thaw Obama

Health Care reform Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act New START Pardons Presidential trips

international 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Judicial appointments

Supreme Court controversies

Cabinet Presidential Library and Center


Dreams from My Father
Dreams from My Father
(1995) The Audacity of Hope
The Audacity of Hope
(2006) Of Thee I Sing (2010)


"The Audacity of Hope" (2004) "Yes We Can" (2008) "A More Perfect Union" (2008) "Change Has Come to America" (2008) "A New Birth of Freedom" (2009) Joint session of Congress (2009) "A New Beginning" (2009) Joint session of Congress (health care reform) (2009) State of the Union
State of the Union

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Tucson memorial speech (2011) Joint session of Congress (jobs) (2011) "You didn't build that" (2012) Selma 50th anniversary (2015) Farewell address (2017)


State Senate election, 1996, 1998, 2002 Illinois's 1st congressional district election, 2000 United States Senate
United States Senate
election, 2004 Democratic presidential primaries, 2008 2012

primary campaign, 2008

Democratic National Convention, 2008 2012 Presidential campaign, 2008

endorsements GOP/conservative support

Presidential election, 2008 Presidential campaign, 2012


Presidential election, 2012

international reactions


Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama
(wife) Ann Dunham
Ann Dunham
(mother) Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Sr. (father) Lolo Soetoro
Lolo Soetoro
(step-father) Maya Soetoro-Ng
Maya Soetoro-Ng
(maternal half-sister) Stanley Armour Dunham
Stanley Armour Dunham
(maternal grandfather) Madelyn Dunham
Madelyn Dunham
(maternal grandmother) Marian Shields Robinson
Marian Shields Robinson
(mother-in-law) Craig Robinson (brother-in-law) Bo (family dog) Sunny (family dog)

Public image

News and political events

Oprah Winfrey's endorsement Citizenship conspiracy theories

litigation legislation

Religion conspiracy theories Bill Ayers controversy Jeremiah Wright controversy Republican and conservative support (2008) Assassination threats

2008 Denver 2008 Tennessee

First inauguration invitations Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial Citizen's Briefing Book Tea Party protests New Energy for America Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Gates-Crowley Rose Garden meeting Firing of Shirley Sherrod Impeachment efforts

Books about

Bibliography Obama: From Promise to Power Barack Obama: Der schwarze Kennedy Redemption Song The Case Against Barack Obama The Obama
Nation Culture of Corruption Catastrophe Barack and Michelle The Speech The Obama
Story Game Change Game Change
Game Change
2012 Rising Star



"I Got a Crush... on Obama"

"Barack the Magic Negro" will.i.am

"Yes We Can" "We Are the Ones"

"There's No One as Irish as Barack O'Bama" "Sí Se Puede Cambiar" "My President" "Deadheads for Obama" "Air and Simple Gifts" Change Is Now Hope! – Das Obama
Musical " Barack Obama
Barack Obama
vs. Mitt Romney" Barack's Dubs "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours"


By the People: The Election of Barack Obama
Barack Obama
(2009) 2016: Obama's America (2012) The Road We've Traveled
The Road We've Traveled
(2012) Southside with You
Southside with You
(2016) Barry (2016)

Other media

On social media Artists for Obama "Hope" poster "Joker" poster Situation Room Obama
logo In comics


Barack Obama Day
Obama Day
(Illinois) Obama Day
Obama Day
(Kenya) Awards and honors Namesakes

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