Bar (diacritic)


A bar or stroke is a modification consisting of a line drawn through a
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. It may be used as a
diacritic A diacritic (also diacritical mark, diacritical point, diacritical sign, or accent) is a glyph added to a letter Letter, letters, or literature may refer to: Characters typeface * Letter (alphabet) A letter is a segmental symbol A sy ...
to derive new letters from old ones, or simply as an addition to make a grapheme more distinct from others. It can take the form of a vertical bar, slash, or crossbar. A stroke is sometimes drawn through the numerals
(horizontal overbar) and
(overstruck foreslash), to make them more distinguishable from the number
and the letter
, respectively. For the specific usages of various letters with bars and strokes, see their individual articles. In
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, there are bars at , , , and .

Latin alphabet

*A →
Ⱥ ⱥ
Ⱥ ⱥ
*B → Ƀ ƀ, , ᴯ, ␢ *C → Ȼ, Ȼ ȼ, Ꞓ, Ꞓ ꞓ *D → Ð, Ð ð, Đ, Đ đ, Ɖ, Ɖ ɖ, Ꟈ, Ꟈ ꟈ, ꝱ *E → Ɇ, Ɇ ɇ, ꬳ *F → Ꞙ, Ꞙ ꞙ *G → Ǥ, Ǥ ǥ, Ꞡ, Ꞡ ꞡ *H → Ħ, Ħ ħ, ꟸ *I → Ɨ, Ɨ ɨ, ᵻ, ᶤ, ᶧ *J → Ɉ, Ɉ ɉ, ɟ, ʄ, ᶡ *K → Ꝁ, Ꝁ ꝁ, Ꝃ, Ꝃ ꝃ, Ꝅ, Ꝅ ꝅ, Ꞣ, Ꞣ ꞣ *L → Ł, Ł ł, Ƚ, Ƚ ƚ, ᴌ, Ⱡ, Ⱡ ⱡ, Ꝉ, Ꝉ ꝉ, ꝲ *N → Ꞥ, Ꞥ ꞥ, ꝴ *O → Ø, Ø ø, Ǿ, Ǿ ǿ, ᴓ, ᶱ, ᷭ, ꬾ, Ꝋ, Ꝋ ꝋ, Ɵ, Ɵ ɵ *ɔ → ꬿ *P → Ᵽ, Ᵽ ᵽ, Ꝑ, Ꝑ ꝑ *Q → Ꝗ, Ꝗ ꝗ, Ꝙ, Ꝙ ꝙ *R → Ɍ, Ɍ ɍ, Ꞧ, Ꞧ ꞧ, ꝶ, ꝶ ꝵ *S → ẜ, ẝ, Ꞩ, Ꞩ ꞩ, Ꟊ, Ꟊ ꟊ *T → Ŧ, Ŧ ŧ, Ⱦ, Ⱦ ⱦ, ꝷ *U → Ʉ, Ʉ ʉ, Ꞹ, Ꞹ ꞹ, ᵾ, ᶶ, ᷰ *V → Ꝟ, Ꝟ ꝟ *X → ꭕ, ꭕ ꭙ *Y → Ɏ, Ɏ ɏ *Z → Ƶ, Ƶ ƶ *Þ → Ꝥ, Ꝥ ꝥ, Ꝧ, Ꝧ ꝧ *Ɂ → ʡ, ʢ *2 → ƻ *ɑ → ꬰ (Latin equivalent of Greek letter alpha) *ɩ → ᵼ *λ → ƛ *ʊ → ᵿ *ℎ → ℏ *m → ꝳ *ꭎ → ꭏ *ʃ → ʄ *AV → Ꜻ, Ꜻ ꜻ *ᴔ → ꭁ, ꭂ *ꭃ → ꭄ *Ꞁ → ꟻ *TH → ᵺ

Currency symbols

*A → Argentine austral, ₳ *B → Thai baht, ฿, Bitcoin, ₿ *C → Ghanaian cedi, ₵, Costa Rican colón, ₡ *c → Cent (currency), ¢, ¢ *d → Vietnamese đồng, ₫ *E → Euro sign, € *F → French franc, ₣ *G → Paraguayan guaraní, ₲ *H → Dupondius, 𐆙 *HS → 𐆘 *г → Hryvnia sign, ₴ *K → Lao kip, ₭ *L → Pound sign, £, Lira, ₤, Turkish lira sign, ₺, Pound sterling, £ *ლ →₾ *m → Mill (currency), ₥ *N → Nigerian naira, ₦ *P → Philippine peso sign, ₱ *Р → Russian ruble, ₽ *ᒉ → Armenian dram sign, ֏ *S → Dollar sign, $, Portuguese escudo, $ *T → Mongolian tögrög, ₮ *U → Primecoin, Ψ *V → Quinarius, 𐆗 *W → Won sign, ₩, South Korean won, ₩ *X → Denarius, 𐆖 *Y → ¥, Japanese yen, ¥ *र → Indian rupee sign, ₹ *ঢ → Bangladeshi taka, ৳ *រ → Cambodian riel, ៛ *∩ → ₼ *߾ → ߘ *߿ → ߕ */ → As (Roman coin), 𐆚 *৹ → ¤

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*Strikethrough *X-bar theory (formal linguistics)


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