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The Baikal Mountains
Baikal Mountains
or Baikal Range (Russian: Байкальский хребет, Bajkaljskij hrebet; Russian Buryat: Байгалай дабаан, Baigalai dabaan) rise steeply over the northwestern shore of Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal
in southern Siberia, Russia.[1] The Central Siberian Plateau is bounded on the south by the Eastern Sayan Mountains and the Baikal Mountains. The Baikal Mountains
Baikal Mountains
are the origin of the Lena River. The mountains around Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal
are densely wooded with Grey Alder, Eurasian Aspen, Downy Birch, Siberian Larch, Siberian Fir, Scots Pine, and Siberian Spruce.[2] Its highest peak is the Chersky Mountain (2,572 m) named after the Polish explorer, Jan Czerski. Notes[edit]

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