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Ash'arism or Ashʿari theology (/æʃəˈr/;[1] Arabic: أشعريةal-ʾAšʿarīyah or ٱلْأَشَاعِرَة al-ʾAšāʿirah) is the foremost theological school of Sunni Islam which established an orthodox dogmatic guideline[2] based on scriptural authority[citation needed], rationality,[3][4] and semi-rationalism,[3][5][6][7] founded by the Arab theologian Abu al-Hasan al-Ashʿari (d. 936 / AH 324).[8] The disciples of the school are known as Ashʿarites,[3] and the school is also referred to as the Ashʿarite school,[3] which became the dominant theological school within Sunni Islam.[9][10] It is considered one of the orthodox schools of theology in Sunni Islam,[11] alongside the Maturidi and Athari schools of theology.[12][13]

Amongst the most famous Ashʿarites are Others