The Info List - Aphonopelma Smithi

Aphonopelma smithi, also known as the Bay Area Blond tarantula,[citation needed] is regarded by some sources as an endemic spider to Northern California, found in California interior chaparral and woodlands habitats,[3] and by other sources as synonymous with Aphonopelma iodius.[2]

The Bay Area Blond tarantula spider lives in an underground burrow lined with silk for most of its life, until it is about 7 years old when it reaches maturity. At this time the males leave the burrow to find mates. Males can be found on Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, looking for mates, from September to early October. Many people go to Mount Diablo to watch the tarantulas at this time of year.[3]

A 2016 study of Aphonopelma species found in the United States concluded that morphological and molecular analyses failed to distinguish A. smithi (among other species) from A. iodius, and so reduced it to a synonym.[2]

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