The Info List - Aphonopelma Chamberlini

Aphonopelma chamberlini, also known as the Paso Robles rusty red tarantula, is regarded by some sources as a tarantula species endemic to California,[2] and by others as synonymous with Aphonopelma iodius.[1]

Described in 1995, it is known from the vicinity of Paso Robles, California. Females are around 66 mm (2.6 in) long, and the body color is a uniform reddish brown with light rusty red setae (hairs) on the legs. The species name honors arachnologist Ralph Vary Chamberlin, who was responsible for naming a large number of Aphonopelma species.[2]

A 2013 study suggested A. chamberlini was synonymous with Aphonopelma brunnius,[3] which has since been included in Aphonopelma iodius.[1]


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