The Info List - Antonio Ignacio Velasco Garcia

Ignacio Antonio Velasco García, S.D.B. (January 17, 1929, Acarigua, Venezuela – July 6, 2003) was a cardinal and the Archbishop of Caracas. He received that post on 27 May 1995, and held it until his death. He was known for his criticisms of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. During the 2002 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt, Cardinal Velasco was the first of 400 signatories to sign the Carmona Decree. After Velasco's death, Chávez drew fire for his controversial statement that the Cardinal was "burning in hell".

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
José Lebrún Moratinos
Archbishop of Caracas
27 May 1995 – 6 July 2003
Succeeded by
Jorge Urosa

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