The Info List - Antanas Impulevičius

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Antanas Impulevičius-Impulėnas (28 January 1907 – 4 December 1970) was an officer of the Lithuanian Army, reaching the rank of major in 1937, and later a Nazi collaborator. After the occupation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union, he was arrested by NKVD. He was freed during the Uprising of June 1941. Impulevičius joined the Lithuanian Schutzmannschaft and commanded the 12th Police Battalion. His unit was sent to Belarus where it participated in mass executions of the Jews, particularly in Minsk
and Kletsk. He also joined the short-lived Lithuanian Territorial Defense Force. In 1944, he moved to Germany, in 1949 he relocated to the United States. In 1962, Supreme Court of the Lithuanian SSR
Lithuanian SSR
sentenced him to death in absentia. After the trial, United States dismissed Soviet request to extradite him.[1] References[edit]

^ The Twelfth (previously Second) Battalion

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