Anne, alternatively spelled Ann, is a form of the Latin female given name Anna. This in turn is a representation of the Hebrew Hannah, which means 'favour' or 'grace.' Anne is sometimes used as a male name in the Netherlands, particularly in the Frisian speaking part (for example, author Anne de Vries). In this incarnation, it is related to Germanic arn-names and means 'eagle'.See entry on "Anne" in th
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entries (in Dutch) in the Nederlandse Voornamenbank (Dutch First Names Database) of the Meertens Instituut (23 October 2018).
It has also been used for males in France (Anne de Montmorency) and Scotland (Lord Anne Hamilton). Anne is a common name and the following lists represent a small selection. For a comprehensive list, see instead: . In the UK Anne was traditionally the Royal spelling and Ann was for commoners. This has largely fallen out of use.

As a feminine name


* Saint Anne, Mother of the Virgin Mary * Anne, Queen of Great Britain (1665–1714), Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1702–07) and Great Britain (1707–14) *Queen consorts, a.o.: ** Anne of Austria, Landgravine of Thuringia (1432–1462) ** Anne Neville (1456–1485), wife of King Richard III of England ** Anne of Brittany (1477–1514), Breton ruler, wife of both Charles VIII of France and Louis XII of France ** Anne Boleyn (c. 1501/1507–1536), second wife of King Henry VIII of England ** Anne of Cleves (1515–1557), fourth wife of King Henry VIII ** Anne of Denmark (1574–1619), wife of King James VI and I of Scotland, England, and Ireland, ** Anne of Austria (1601–1666), wife of Louis XIII of France, Regent of France ** Anne Catherine of Brandenburg (1575–1612), wife of King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway ** Anne Marie d'Orléans (1669–1728), wife of King Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia ** Anne of Romania (1923–2016), wife of King Michael I of Romania ** Anne-Marie of Greece (born 1948), Danish princess, wife of King Constantine II * Princess Anne, a.o.: ** Anne of Denmark, Electress of Saxony (1532–1585), Danish princess from the House of Oldenburg ** Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange (1709–1759), daughter of King George II, wife of William IV, Prince of Orange ** Anne of Orléans (1906–1986), Princess of France ** Anne of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (born 1938), wife of Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria ** Anne, Princess Royal (born 1950), daughter of Queen Elizabeth II * Anne Applebaum (born 1964), American journalist * Anne Archer (born 1947), American actress * Anne Askew (1521–1546), English writer, poet, and Protestant martyr * Anne Bancroft (1931–2005), American actress * Anne Baxter (1923–1985), American actress * Anne Lilia Berge Strand (born 1977), Norwegian singer-songwriter, known as "Annie" * Anne Berthelot (born 1957), French professor of Medieval literature studies * Anne-Grethe Leine Bientie (b. 1954), Norwegian writer and psalmist * Anne Bonny (1702–1782?), Irish pirate * Anne Bosworth (1868–1907), American mathematician * Anne Bourg (born 1987), Luxembourgish footballer * Anne Bourguignon (born 1950), French actress, filmmaker and political activist known as ''Anémone'' * Anne Bourlioux, Canadian mathematician and indoor rower * Anne Bradstreet (1612–1672), America's first published poet * Anne Brontë (1820–1849), British novelist and poet * Anne Isabella Byron, Baroness Byron (1792–1860), British peer, wife of Lord Byron * Anne Byrn (born 1956), American cookbook author * Anne Carson (born 1950), Canadian poet, essayist, and translator * Anne Cox Chambers (born 1919), American media proprietor and billionaire * Anne V. Coates (born 1925), British film editor * Anne Consigny (born 1963), French actress * Anne Conway (1631–1679), English philosopher * Anne Dacier (1654–1720), French scholar and translator of the classics * Anne Seymour Damer (1749–1828), English sculptor * Anne Daw, Australian environmental activist * Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (born 1960), Belgian choreographer * Anne Desclos (1907–1998), French journalist and novelist * Anne Distel (born 1947), French curator and art critic * Anne Donovan (born 1961), American basketball player and coach * Anne Dudek (born 1975), American actress * Anne Dudley (born 1956), English composer, keyboardist, conductor and pop musician * Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774–1824), German nun, mystic and stigmatic * Anne Fletcher (born 1966), American choreographer and film director * Anne Stella Fomumbod, Cameroonian women's rights activist * Anne Fontaine (born 1959), French film director, screenwriter, and actress * Anne Francis (1930–2011), American actress * Anne Frank (1929–1945), German-Dutch diarist and Holocaust victim * Anne Geddes (born 1956), Australian photographer and businesswoman * Anne Golon (born 1921), French author * Anne Grant (1755–1838), Scottish poet, author * Anne Haney (1934–2001), American actress * Anne Hathaway (1556–1623), wife of William Shakespeare * Anne Hathaway (born 1982), American actress * Anne Hébert (1916-2000) Canadian author and poet * Anne Heche (born 1969), American actress * Anne Heggtveit (born 1939), Canadian alpine skier * Anne Henning (born 1955), American speed skater * Anne Hidalgo (born 1959), French politician, Mayor of Paris * Anne Holt (born 1958), Norwegian author, lawyer and former Minister of Justice * Anne Hugon (born 1965), French historian and Africanist * Anne Hutchinson (1591–1643), American religious dissenter * Anne Hyde (1637–1671), Duchess of York * Anne Jackson (1925–2016), American actress * Anne Jeffreys (born 1923), American actress and singer * Anne Judkins (born 1964), New Zealand race walker * Anne Keothavong (born 1983), British tennis player * Anne Kirkbride (1954–2015), English soap actress * Anne Kremer (born 1975), Luxembourgish tennis player * Anne Osborn Krueger (born 1934), American economist, deputy director of the IMF * Anne Margiste (born 1942), Estonian actress * Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906–2001), American author and aviator * Anne McCaffrey (1926–2011), American-born Irish science fiction and fantasy writer * Anne Hazen McFarland (1868–?), American physician, editor * Anne Meara (1929–2005), American actress and comedian * Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of Montpensier (1627–1693), French memoirist * Anne Murray (born 1945), Canadian singer * Anne-Sophie Mutter (born 1963), German violinist * Anne-Louise-Germaine Necker (1766–1817), French writer and philosopher, known as "Madame de Staël" * Anne Sofie von Otter (born 1955), Swedish mezzo-soprano * Anne Parillaud (born 1960), French actress * Anne Peichert (born 1996), French singer, songwriter and actress, known as "Louane Emera" * Anne Provoost (born 1964), Flemish author * Anne Quemere (born 1966), French sailor * Anne Ramsey (1929–1988), American actress * Anne Revere (1903–1990), American actress * Anne Rice (born 1941), American author * Anne Royall (1769–1854), American journalist * Anne Schedeen (born 1949), American television actress * Anne Schilling, American mathematician * Anne Sexton (1928–1974), American poet * Anne Shirley (1918–1993), American actress * Anne Smith (born 1959), American tennis player * Anne Steele (1717–1778), English hymnwriter, essayist * Anne Sullivan (1866–1936), American teacher and companion of Helen Keller * Anne Sweeney (born 1957), American businesswoman, co-chair of Disney Media * Lady Anne Tree (1927-2010), British philanthropist and prison visitor * Anne Tyler (born 1941), American writer and literary critic * Anne Veski (born 1956), Estonian pop singer * Anne Watanabe 渡辺杏 (Anne/杏) (born 1986), Japanese model and actress, known as "Anne" * Anne Winters (actress) (born 1994), American actress * Anne Wood (singer) (1907-1998), British mezzo-soprano and opera administrator * Anne Wood (born 1937), English children's television producer * Anne Woolliams (1926–1999), English artistic director, ballet choreographer, dancer and teacher.


* Ann Bancroft (born 1955), American author, teacher, adventurer and public speaker * Ann Bollin (born 1960), American politician * Ann Brashares (1967), American YA author * Ann Cashion, American chef * Ann R. Chaintreuil (born 1947), American architect * Ann Mary Butler Crittenden Coleman (1813–1891), American author, translator * Ann Curry (born 1956), American journalist * Ann Donahue, television writer * Ann Druyan (born 1949), American writer and producer * Ann Dunham (1942–1995), American anthropologist * Ann, Lady Fanshawe (1625–1680), English memoirist and cookery author * Ann Flora Froude Flashman (1911–1961), Australian veterinarian * Ann Getty (1941–2020), American philanthropist * Ann Hasseltine Judson (1789–1826), American foreign missionary * Ann E. Kelley (1954–2007), American neuroscientist * Ann Kenrick (born 1958), British charity worker *Ann Lambert (born 1957), Canadian author and playwright * Ann Lamont, American venture capitalist * Ann Landers (1918–2002), pen name of American advice columnist Ruth Crowley and later, Esther Pauline Lederer * Ann Lee (1736–1784), English church leader * Ann Lewis Hamilton, American television producer and writer * Ann-Margret (born 1941), Swedish-American actress, singer and dancer * Ann Marks (1941-2016), British physicist and science communicator * Ann M. Martin (born 1955), American children's author, known best for the ''Baby-sitters Club'' series * Ann McCrory (born 1956), First Lady of North Carolina * Ann Miller (1923–2004), American dancer, singer and actress * Ann Mitchell (born 1939), British stage and television actress * Ann Nardulli (1948–2018), American endocrinologist * Ann Petry (1908–1997), American author and journalist * Ann Putnam Jr. (1679–1716), witness at the Salem Witch Trials * Ann Radcliffe (1764–1823), English author and pioneer of the Gothic subgenre * Ann Reinking (1949–2020), American actor, dancer, and choreographer * Ann Richards (1933–2006), American politician * Ann Romney (born 1949), wife of American businessman and politician, Mitt Romney * Ann Rule (1931–2015), American author * Ann Sarnoff (born ca. 1962), American businesswoman * Ann London Scott (1929–1975), American feminist * Ann Eliza Smith (1819–1905), American author * Ann Sothern (1909–2001), American actress * Ann Sullivan (animator) (1929–2020), American animator * Ann Syrdal (1945–2020), American psychologist and researcher * Ann Thongprasom (1976), Thai film and television actress, host and producer * Ann Wilson (born 1950), American musician * Ann Winsborn (born 1981), Swedish singer-songwriter * Julia Ann (born 1969), American pornographic actress * Keren Ann (born 1974), singer-songwriter, composer, producer and engineer

As a masculine name

* Anna of East Anglia (died 653/54), king of East Anglia * Anne Bignan (1795–1861), French poet and translator * Anne van der Bijl (born 1928), Dutch Christian missionary * Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle (1836–1918), botanist * Anne Claude de Caylus (1692–1765), French antiquarian and proto-archaeologist * Anne Danican Philidor (1681–1728), French musician, composer, founder, Concert Spirituel Tuileries 172–1791 * Anne Douglas-Hamilton (1709–1748), Scottish nobleman * Anne du Bourg (1521–1559), French magistrate * Anne d'Escars de Givry (1546–1612), French Benedictine cardinal * Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson (1767–1824), French Romantic painter * Anne de Joyeuse (c.1560–1587), French admiral during the French Wars of Religion * Anne Louis Henri de La Fare (1752–1829), French Roman Catholic cardinal and counter-revolutionary * Anne de Montmorency (1493–1567), constable of France, soldier, statesman, and diplomat * Anne de Noailles (d. 1678), first Duke of Noailles * Anne Poulett (1711–1785), British Member of Parliament * Anne Jean Marie René Savary (1774–1833), French general and diplomat * Anne Hilarion de Tourville (1642–1701), French naval commander, Marshal of France * Anne Sjerp Troelstra (1939–2019), Dutch mathematician and logician * Anne Robert Jacques Turgot (1727–1781), French economist and statesman * Anne Vermeer (1916–2018), Dutch politician * Anne Vondeling (1916–1979), Dutch politician * Anne de Vries (1904–1964), Dutch writer from Drenthe

Fictional characters

* Ann, a character and bachelorette in the Story of Seasons video game franchise * Anne Boonchuy, a character from ''Amphibia'' * Anne Brookes, a character on the TV sitcom ''The Ropers'' * Ann Darrow, ''King Kong'' (1933) and ''King Kong'' (2005) * Anne Elliot, Jane Austen's ''Persuasion'' * Anne Glass, ''Falling Skies'' *Anne Kirrin, the youngest of the four cousins in Enid Blyton's The Famous Five (novel series) * Anne Lewis, a character in the ''Robocop'' franchise * Anne Maria, a character from ''Total Drama: Revenge of the Island'' * Anne Page, a character from William Shakespeare's ''The Merry Wives of Windsor'' * Ann Perkins, a character from the television show ''Parks and Recreation'' * Anne Shirley, Lucy Maud Montgomery's ''Anne of Green Gables'' * Ann Takamaki, one of the main characters from '' Persona 5'' * Raggedy Ann


* ''Anne'' (1623 New World voyage) * ''Anne'' (1799 ship)

See also

* Ann Arbor, Michigan * Anne's theorem, result from Euclidean geometry, due to Pierre-Leon Anne (1806–1850) * Lady Anne * Queen Anne


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