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Amy Ippoliti (born December 6, 1969) is an American Yoga teacher, author, and earth conservationist. She is the co-founder of 90 Monkeys, an online school for advanced yoga education.[1] Amy has studied yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching since 1997.


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Early life and education[edit] Ippoliti was born in New York, New York. Ippoliti began practicing yoga at the age of 16 in the Sivananda tradition of yoga. After graduating from Oberlin College
Oberlin College
with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, Ippoliti returned to New York where she taught self-defense and fitness classes while continuing to practice yoga. Ippoliti completed her first yoga teacher training with Cyndi Lee in 1997. In 1998, Ippoliti met John Friend and became a certified Anusara Yoga teacher in 2000. In 1999, she met Dr. Douglas Brooks, a professor of religion at University of Rochester
University of Rochester
and scholar of Shri Vidya Tantra, Sanskrit, and Tamil. Ippoliti continues to study with Brooks.[2] Professional life[edit] Ippoliti began teaching yoga in 1997. In addition to teaching for fitness companies such as Equinox Fitness
Equinox Fitness
and Crunch Fitness, she was also a teacher for a number of successful start-up yoga centers in New York, including OM Yoga, Laughing Lotus, and VIRAYOGA. Ippoliti also maintained a clientele of private students, including executives at Atlantic Records, Pfizer, and Bear Stearns, as well as authors, prominent CEOs, and Hollywood celebrities.[3] Ippoliti designed the 100-hour Anusara Yoga
Anusara Yoga
Immersion in 2002 and served on the Anusara Yoga
Anusara Yoga
Curriculum Committee.[4] In January 2012, Ippoliti renounced her certification from Anusara Yoga.[5] Ippoliti has led national and international yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats since 1999. She has also presented at yoga conferences and festivals such as Yoga Journal Live, Wanderlust, Hanuman Festival, and Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. In 2012, Ippoliti co-founded [6] 90 Monkeys, an online and in-person school for advanced yoga education. Ippoliti has contributed to a number of print and online publications, including Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, Yoga International, Origin Magazine, Mantra Magazine, Elephant Journal, prAna Stories, and more. She has also been featured in Yoga Journal, Newsweek, New York Magazine, Allure Korea, Origin Magazine, and more. Ippoliti is the co-author of a new book titled, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga: The Yoga Professional’s Guide to a Fulfilling Career, published by New World Library.[7] Ippoliti is a brand ambassador for prAna clothing and ToeSox. Personal life[edit] Ippoliti currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. Ippoliti is an advocate for earth and marine conservation. Ippoliti has partnered with Shawn Heinrichs and Taro Smith for a number of underwater photography projects aimed at raising awareness on overfishing and the extinction of marine species.[8] Music[edit] Ippoliti has contributed to yoga-related musical recordings including Invocation, an album-length exploration of the mantra Om Namah Sivaya Gurave, two albums with Krishna Das including Breath of the Heart and All One, and two with Shantala, The Love Window and Sri. References[edit]

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