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Amdo railway station () is the
Qinghai–Tibet Railway The Qinghai–Tibet railway or Qingzang railway ( bo, མཚོ་བོད་ལྕགས་ལམ།, ; ), is a high-elevation railway that connects Xining, Qinghai, Qinghai Province, to Lhasa (prefecture-level city), Lhasa, Tibet Autonomou ...
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Amdo County Amdo County (; ) is a county within Nagqu Nagqu (also Naqu, Nakchu, or Nagchu; ; ) is a prefecture-level city in the north of the Autonomous regions of China, Chinese autonomous region of Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet. On May 7, 2018, the fo ...
, Nagchu,
Tibet Tibet (; ; ) is a region in East Asia covering much of the Tibetan Plateau spanning about . It is the traditional homeland of the Tibetan people as well as some other ethnic groups such as Monpa people, Monpa, Tamang people, Tamang, Qia ...

China China (), officially the People's Republic of China (PRC; ), is a country in East Asia East Asia is the eastern region of Asia Asia () is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere ...

. The station is located from
Xining Railway Station Xining railway station () is the main railway station Rail transport (also known as train transport) is a means of transferring passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, which are located on tracks. In contrast to road tra ...

Xining Railway Station
. With an elevation of 4,702 m, Amdo station is believed to be the highest altitude railway station in the world. Serving the township of Pana, seat of Amdo County, the station is also one of the highest railway station with a regular passenger service schedule: two passenger services are available at this station each day.

Station layout

The station has a crossing loop and several Cargo, goods Siding (rail), sidings adjacent to the passenger station.

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