Joaquim Marques Lisboa, Marquis of Tamandaré (December 13, 1807 – March 20, 1897), was a Brazilian admiral and politician.

Lisboa was born in Rio Grande. His long military career in the Imperial Brazilian Navy expanded from the Brazilian War of Independence (1822–24) to the Paraguayan War (1864–70). He was the very first native Brazilian Admiral. Lisboa was member of the Liberal Party and later served as Minister of War. He died in Rio de Janeiro, aged 89.

Today Lisboa is the official patron of the Brazilian Navy. Two ships were named Almirante Tamandaré, a proceted cruiser and a light cruiser. In 1957 his name and likeness were used for a military and civil award, the Medalha Mérito Tamandaré (Medal of Merit Tamandaré). He has been honored in numerous non-military ways as well; having a monument in Rio de Janeiro, his portrait featured on the 100 Reis coin of 1936–1938 and being the namesake of the municipality of Almirante Tamandaré, Paraná.