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Alexandra Berzon is an American reporter for The Wall Street Journal covering Las Vegas, Nevada. She is best known for a 2008 series of investigative stories about the deaths of construction workers on the Las Vegas Strip for which the Las Vegas Sun won the annual Pulitzer Prize for Public Service and The Hillman Prize.

The Public Service Pulitzer cited "the courageous reporting by Alexandra Berzon, for the exposure of the high death rate among construction workers on the Las Vegas Strip amid lax enforcement of regulations, leading to changes in policy and improved safety conditions."[1] The centerpiece was a four-part series entitled "Construction Deaths".[2] Berzon began her investigation after nine construction workers died in eight separate accidents.[3] Her series exposed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's lax enforcement of regulations and highlighted the cozy relationship between safety regulators and builders.[4]

The series was cited in Congressional hearings examining OSHA's record[5] and led to changes in policy and improved safety conditions.[1]


Before the Sun, Berzon was a reporter for Red Herring, a business and technology magazine, and worked for the Anchorage Daily News and San Antonio Express-News. She has also reported for Salon.com, NPR, and American Public Media's American RadioWorks. Her coverage of South Pacific islanders who had emigrated to New Zealand due to fears of sea level rise was part of series[6] that won the George Polk Award for Radio Reporting in 2007.[7]

Berzon grew up in Berkeley, California and was graduated from Berkeley High School in 1997, then Vassar College in 2001. She then earned a master’s in journalism from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism in 2006. Her mother, Marsha S. Berzon, is a circuit judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


In addition to the Pulitzer for Public Service,[1] Berzon has won Story of the Year, News Feature of the Year, and the First Amendment Award from the Nevada Press Association.[8] She was also part of a Wall Street Journal team that won a Gerald Loeb Award for coverage of the Deepwater Horizon crisis. She and other graduate school classmates won a Polk Award for their radio series on early signs of global warming, which aired on PRI's Living on Earth and American Public Media's American RadioWorks.


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