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Russo-Japanese war
World War I
Estonian War of Independence

Awards Cross of Liberty

Aleksander Tõnisson VR I/1 (April 17, 1875 – June 30, 1941) was an Estonian military commander (Major General) during the Estonian War of Independence.

In 1899 he graduated from Vilnius Military Academy. Tõnisson participated in Russo-Japanese war and in World War I. In 1917 he participated in formation of Estonian national units and as commander of 1st Estonian regiment participated in battles at Riga front. In 1918 he escaped from German occupation to Finland, returned in autumn and became commander of 1st Division of Estonia. During Estonian Liberation War Tõnisson fought successfully at Viru Front. After war he served twice as minister of defence, in 1934 he retired from military and was mayor of Tartu 1934–1939 and Lord Mayor (ülemlinnapea) of Tallinn 1939–1940. In 1940 Soviet occupation authorities arrested Tõnisson and executed him the following year.

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Political offices
Preceded by
August Hanko
Minister of War
Succeeded by
Ants Piip
Preceded by
August Kerem
Minister of Defence
Succeeded by
August Kerem
Preceded by
Hans Ainson
Mayor of Tartu
Succeeded by
Robert Sinka
Preceded by
Jaan Soots
Lord Mayor of Tallinn
Succeeded by
Aleksander Kiidelmaa

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