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was a partnership between the American Locomotive
Company and General Electric
General Electric
that lasted from 1940 to 1953.[1] Their main competitor was EMD. Under this arrangement, Alco produced the locomotive body and prime mover, and GE supplied the electrical gear. Alco management could see that the market for steam locomotives would soon vanish, and General Electric
General Electric
was interested in getting into the lucrative diesel locomotive market. Notable locomotives produced by Alco-GE
were the RS-1, the first road switcher, and UP 50, a prototype gas turbine-electric locomotive. GE later dissolved the partnership and decided to build their own locomotives. Alco still received electrical gear from GE, but was no longer GE's sole customer for such parts. The first diesel road locomotives GE built were two A-B sets, later called the UM20. GE's first production domestic road locomotive was the U25. References[edit]

^ Solomon, Brian (2014). GE and EMD Locomotives. Voyageur Press. ISBN 9781627883979. Retrieved 30 August 2017. 

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North American locomotive builders

ALCO Alco-GE Altoona Works Atlas Baldwin Bombardier Brooks Brookville CLC Climax Cooke Davenport Dickson EMD Fairbanks-Morse GE Transportation GMD Globe Grant Hinkley Ingalls Jewett Lima Manchester Mason MLW MotivePower Mount Clare Shops Mount Savage NREC Norris Pittsburgh Porter Portland Progress Rail Services Railpower Rhode Island Roanoke Shops Richmond Rogers Schenectady SLCC Taunton Tredegar Vulcan Westinghouse Whitcomb Willamette

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General Electric

Subsidiaries and divisions


GE Additive GE Aviation GE Capital

GE Capital
GE Capital
Aviation Services GE Energy
GE Energy
Financial Services

GE Digital

GE Intelligent Platforms GE Measurement & Control Solutions

GE Healthcare GE Lighting GE Power

GE Jenbacher GE Waukesha

GE Renewable Energy

GE Hydro GE Wind Energy

GE Transportation Baker Hughes, a GE Company Current, powered by GE GE Global Research

Former and defunct

Australian Guarantee Corporation1 Canadian General Electric1 Compagnia Generale di Elettricità2 Electric Bond and Share Company2 GE Americom2 GE Aerospace2 GE Appliances2 GE Betz2 GE Capital
GE Capital
IT Solutions2 GECIS2 GE Capital
GE Capital
Rail Services2

GE Capital
GE Capital
Rail Services (Europe)

GE Commercial Finance GE Energy1 GE Equipment Services2 GE Home & Business Solutions2 GE Industrial2 GE Oil and Gas1 GE Infrastructure1 GEIS2 Genesis Lease2 GE Security2 Genworth Financial2 Montgomery Ward2 Synchrony Financial2 Tungsram1 Whatman1

Joint ventures and shareholdings


CFM International (50%) Engine Alliance
Engine Alliance
(50%) GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
(60%) GE Honda Aero Engines
GE Honda Aero Engines
(50%) Penske Truck Leasing Prolec GE
Prolec GE
(49.99%) TBS GB


(1940–53) NBC
(1926–30, 1986–2004) NBCUniversal, LLC (2004–13)

Products and brands

Aircraft engines General Comprehensive Operating System GEnie Locomotives Mazda Reciprocating engines Trivection oven Tungsram



Charles A. Coffin Thomas Edison Edwin J. Houston J. P. Morgan Elihu Thomson


James Cash Jr. Ann Fudge Susan Hockfield Jeffrey R. Immelt Andrea Jung Rochelle Lazarus Sam Nunn Roger Penske Douglas A. Warner III Jack Welch Bob Wright

Places and facilities

GE Building General Electric
General Electric
Building Nela Park Realty Plot Research Laboratory River Works Specialty Control Plant Switchgear Plant Welch Technology Centre


Carousel of Progress (1967-73, 1975-85)


Edison Engineering Development Program GE True The General Electric
General Electric
Concert General Electric
General Electric
EdgeLab General Electric
General Electric
Theater General Imaging Thomson-Houston Electric Company Timeline United States v. General Electric
General Electric
Co. Phoebus cartel

1Now integrated into other GE divisions or business groupings 2Sold or spun off

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