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Agent Raghav – Crime Branch
Agent Raghav – Crime Branch
is an Indian crime fiction anthology television series, which premiered on &TV from 5 September 2015 to 10 April 2016 for one hour at Saturday and Sunday nights. The series was produced by Contiloe Entertainment of Abhimanyu Singh and starred Sharad Kelkar
Sharad Kelkar
in the eponymous role of Agent Raghav Sinha, along with Aahana Kumra, Deepali Pansare, Danish Pandor, Jason Tham and Mahesh Manjrekar, the latter appeared in a recurring role. The serial received Indian Telly Awards
Indian Telly Awards
in the category of Best Thriller and Horror Show and was also nominated for Best Weekend Show. The show is said to be inspired from the American police drama/mystery television series, The Mentalist.[1]


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2.1 Episodic appearances

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Synopsis[edit] Agent Raghav Sinha (Sharad Kelkar) is a handsome guy with charismatic personality and exceptional skills of observation and deduction. He has a very high IQ and is an expert at reading a person's mind and body language. Raghav picked up these unique skills from his father, who was a renowned psychiatrist. However, at the age of 10, Raghav witnessed his father's murder at the hands of one of his own clients. The killer was untraceable and even the police had to give up after some time. Ever since then, it has become Raghav's mission to find the killer and avenge his father's death. Raghav was initiated into Crime Branch Special
Unit because of his special skills and he has time and again proved his worth by cracking the most challenging cases and bringing the criminals to justice. Agent Trisha Deewan (Aahana Kumra) is the leader of the Crime Branch Special
Unit. Her goal is to build up her career as an cop but her parents want her to settle down in life by marrying a nice guy. Agent Trisha & Agent Raghav, despite of there opposite personalities fell in love with each other but never voiced out. Agent Rajbir (Danish Pandor) and Agent Bikram (Jason Tham) are his friends. They share a special bond as well as solving cases. Their goal is to help the team as much as possible using their skills. Dr Aarti is the forensic scientist working under CBI. With her forensic skills, she discovers the things may happen on the crime spots. .[2] The show also deals about the dynamics shared by Raghav and Trisha, where they both are strongly attracted to each other & share an amazing bond of trust.[3] Cast[edit]

Sharad Kelkar
Sharad Kelkar
as Agent Raghav Sinha[4] Aahana Kumra
Aahana Kumra
as Agent Trisha Dewan[5] Mahesh Manjrekar
Mahesh Manjrekar
as Dilip Chauhan- chief of the CBI Crime Branch[6] Deepali Pansare as Agent Gauri, ex Tech Expert Danish Pandor as an Agent Rajbir Jason Tham as Agent Bikram[7] Reena Aggarwal as Forensic Doctor Aarti Mistry[8] Swati Rajput
Swati Rajput
as Agent Swati – Tech Expert

Episodic appearances[edit]

Gautam Ahuja as young Raghav[9] Mamik Singh as Magician Zorino, Raghav's Friend Sara Khan as Radhika Payal Rohatgi as Marzena Nazea Syed Hassan as Mihika Rajput Deepshikha
as Devdasi Gavie Chahal
Gavie Chahal
as Prashant Surve Suchitra Pillai
Suchitra Pillai
as Vasundhara Vohra Chestha Bhagat as Sunidhi Vohra Alefia Kapadia as Sushma Uppel Mitika Sharma as Ritu Sharma, con bride Deeksha Kanwal Sonal as Sona/Pooja/Esha/Nandini Malini Kapoor as Flavia Ridheema Tiwari as Manasvi Rishina Kandhari
Rishina Kandhari
as Dr. Sunaina Sinhal Mehta Farhaan Patel as Ratan Riaa Chandra as Shruti Jannat Zubair Rahmani as Rohan Arora Sumit Kaul as Subhodh Arora Vimarsh Roshan
Vimarsh Roshan
as Randeep Garewal Amit Dolawat as Vijay Chauhan Ajay Kumar Nain as Inspector Sharma Sunayana Fozdar as Gargi Chaddha Siraj Mustafa Khan as Roby Tarul Swami as Dr.Nigam Resha Konkar as Mona Gajendra Chauhan
Gajendra Chauhan
as Mr. Bajaj Ahsaas Channa
Ahsaas Channa
as Naina Seema Pandey
Seema Pandey
as Maya Banerjee Ishita Vyas as Gehna Rushad Rana as Rocky/ Vineet/Rishabh Tandon[10] Sonali Nikam as Akansha Akshay Sethi as Sumit Ekroop Bedi as Alpana Jyoti Gauba
Jyoti Gauba
as Arundhati Devi Aashish Kaul as Mr. Joshi Nidhi Jha as Christie Xavier Kunal Bakshi as Inspector Srivastav Naresh Suri as Marconi Rohit Tailor as PSI


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