Adrian Wooldridge (born 11 November 1959) is the management editor and, since 1 April 2017, the 'Bagehot' columnist for ''The Economist'' newspaper. He was formerly the 'Schumpeter' columnist. Until July 2009, he was ''The Economist''s Washington Bureau chief and the 'Lexington' columnist. Wooldridge was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, where he studied modern history and was awarded a fellowship at All Souls College, also at Oxford University, where he received a doctorate in philosophy in 1985. From 1984 to 1985, he was also a Harkness Fellow, at the University of California at Berkeley.


* *''The Economist'' often changes the title of a print article when it is published online. This article is titled "To those that have" online. * * Co-wrote (with fellow Economist journalist John Micklethwait): *''The Witch Doctors: Making Sense of the Management Gurus'' (1996) *''A Future Perfect: The Challenge and Promise of Globalization'' (2000) *''The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea'' (2003) *''The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America'' (2004) *''God is Back: How the Global Revival of Faith Is Changing the World'' (2009) *''The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State'' (2014)


2017 Gerald Loeb Award for Commentary for "Creative Destruction: The Schumpeter Column"


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