An acnode is an isolated point in the solution set of a polynomial equation in two real variables. Equivalent terms are " isolated point or hermit point". For example the equation :f(x,y)=y^2+x^2-x^3=0 has an acnode at the origin, because it is equivalent to :y^2 = x^2 (x-1) and x^2(x-1) is non-negative only when x ≥ 1 or x = 0. Thus, over the ''real'' numbers the equation has no solutions for x < 1 except for (0, 0). In contrast, over the complex numbers the origin is not isolated since square roots of negative real numbers exist. In fact, the complex solution set of a polynomial equation in two complex variables can never have an isolated point. An acnode is a critical point, or singularity, of the defining polynomial function, in the sense that both partial derivatives \partial f\over \partial x and \partial f\over \partial y vanish. Further the
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of second derivatives will be
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, since the function must have a local minimum or a local maximum at the singularity.

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