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Abdumalik Abdullayevich Abdullajanov (Tajik: Абдумалик Абдуллоҷонов; born January 1, 1949) is a Tajikistani politician. He served as the Prime Minister of Tajikistan
from September 21, 1992, to December 18, 1993. He resigned as Prime Minister to become Tajikistan's first ambassador to Russia.[1] In 1994, he ran in the second presidential elections in Tajikistan
but, according to official reports, lost to Emomalii Rahmon, Tajikistan’s current president.[2] After that, he left Tajikistan, stayed in Russia for several years, then moved to the United States
United States
in 1998 and lived there since then; Abdullajanov had refugee status there.[2] Abdullajanov was detained at Boryspil International Airport
Boryspil International Airport
(near Ukrainian capital Kiev) on the request of the Tajik authorities upon arriving from Los Angeles
Los Angeles
on 5 February 2013.[2] Tajik authorities accuse Abdullajanov of plotting an assassination attempt on Rahmon on 30 April 1997, when the president was wounded in the leg.[2] Abdullajanov was also charged with organizing a riot in the Sughd Province which claimed dozens of lives in 1998.[2] Abdullajanov has denied any involvement in his interviews to Western media.[2] On 4 April 2013 Ukraine
freed Abdullajanov from detention and refused a request to extradite him to his homeland.[3] Rumors have circulated that "Abdullajanov would support an opposition candidate who has not yet declared his participation" in the November 2013 Tajikistani presidential election, but because Abdullajanov has not been interviewed for a long time his stand on the issue is unclear.[4] References[edit]

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Political offices

Preceded by Akbar Mirzoyev Prime Minister of Tajikistan 1992–1993 Succeeded by Abdujalil Samadov

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