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Aastra Technologies
Aastra Technologies
Limited, formerly headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada, made products and systems for accessing communication networks, including the Internet. Its products included residential and business telephone terminals, screen telephones, Enterprise private branch exchanges (PBX), network access terminals and high quality digital video encoders, decoders and gateways. Residential telephone equipment was sold in the United States
United States
as Bell equipment by Sonecor brand, which represented Southern New England Telecommunications. Mitel Networks Corporation
Mitel Networks Corporation
announced on November 11, 2013 that it would acquire Aastra Technologies
Aastra Technologies
Ltd. in a stock and cash deal valued at about $400 million.[3]


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In 1983, Francis Shen and Hugh Scholaert bought an engineering consulting company (Aerospace & Defense Market). In 1993, the company started to specialise in telecommunications to develop and market products and systems to access communication networks.[4] In 1996, listing as a public company in Canada.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales[edit]

In 2000, Aastra acquired assets of Nortel
Networks Access Solutions Division including the rights to manufacture phones under the Nortel name.[citation needed]. In 2001, Aastra acquired Nortel
Digital Video Division and Ericsson Cable Modem. In 2002, Aastra acquired Nortel
CVX & CSG Division. In 2003, Aastra acquired the ASCOM PBX System Division. In 2005, 75% of Aastra Technologies' sales were made in Europe, having purchased that year the EADS Enterprise Telephony Business and the DeTeWe Telecommunication
Systems business (Germany), with 17% in the United States, and only 5% in Canada.[1] In 2008, Aastra received Internet
Telephony's Best of Show Award for 2007 for Best Large Enterprise Solution [5] In 2008, Aastra acquired the enterprise PBX division of Ericsson[6][7] best known for MD110/MX-ONE Telephony Switch. In January 2014, Mitel
acquired Aastra.[8]

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Aastra Technologies
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