Aaron Fa'aoso (born ''
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, and producer probably best known for his role on '' East West 101''.


Born in , Queensland with his family from Saibai Island, Fa'aoso began acting after a career as a sexual health worker in Bamaga in the Cape York Peninsula and played rugby league football in the Australian Rugby League and Super League competitions.


Fa'aoso began his acting television career in 2006, where he played Eddie Gaibui on ''RAN Remote Area Nurse (TV series), RAN'', a six-part drama, which aired on Special Broadcasting Service, SBS One. In late 2007 (continuing in early 2008), he appeared on another SBS drama series, '' East West 101'', playing Detective Sonny Koa. In 2008, he had a guest role in ''Sea Patrol'', which aired on Network Nine and in 2009 he appeared in season two of ''East West 101'' and starred in the film ''Subdivision (film), Subdivision''. In 2011, he returned to star in the third and final season of ''East West 101'' on SBS. In 2012, he appeared the last four episodes of the Australian drama TV series ''Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms''. In 2012, he appeared in ABC1, ABC TV's 10-part drama series ''The Straits'', and in 2014 he appeared in the six-part sketch comedy on ABC TV, ''Black Comedy (TV series), Black Comedy''.


* 2006: Nominated at the Australian Film Institute Awards, AFI Awards for 'Best Guest or Supporting Actor in Television Drama' for ''RAN'' * 2007: Nominated at the Logies for 'Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent' for ''RAN''

Personal life

Fa'aoso has two children. In 2012 he pleaded guilty to wilful damage and disorderly conduct following an incident at a Cairns nightclub and was placed on a good behaviour bond for six months and ordered to pay costs plus damages.


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