1645 in poetry


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Works published

English poetry, Great Britain

* Francis Quarles, ''Solomon's Recantation, entitled Ecclesiastes Paraphrased''Cox, Michael, editor, ''The Concise Oxford Chronology of English Literature'', Oxford University Press, 2004, * Sir Robert Stapylton, translator, ''Erotopagnion'', translated from the original Latin poetry, Latin of the ''Musaeus'' * Edmund Waller, ''Poems'' * George Wither, ''Vox Pacifica: A Voice Tending to the Pacification of God's Wrath''


* Adrián de Alesio, ''El Angélico'' ("The Angel"), dedicated to Saint Thomas Aquinas * Sheikh Muhammad, ''Yoga-samgrama''

Works incorrectly dated this year

* John Milton, ''Milton's 1645 Poems, Poems of Mr John Milton, Both English and Latin'', published 1646 in poetry, 1646, according to ''The Concise Oxford Chronology of English Literature'', notwithstanding the book's title page


Death years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article: * April 11 – Juan del Valle y Caviedes (died 1697 in poetry, 1697), Spanish poetry, Spanish-born Peruvian literature, Peruvian poet and author


Birth years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article: * March 10 – William Strode (poet), William Strode (born c.1602 in poetry, 1602), English poetry, English poet * April 3 ''(bur.)'' – Emilia Lanier, also spelled "Aemilia Lanyer" (born 1569 in poetry, 1569), English poetry, English * July 7 – Georg Friedrich of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Weikersheim (born 1569 in poetry, 1569), German poetry, German officer and poet * July 13 – Marie de Gournay, also known as Marie le Jars, demoiselle de Gournay (born c. 1566 in poetry, 1566), French poetry, French writer, author of feminist tracts and poet; a close associate of Michel de Montaigne; buried in the Église Saint-Eustache, Paris, Saint-Eustache Church in Paris * August 28 – Hugo Grotius (born 1583 in poetry, 1583), Dutch poetry, Dutch jurist, philosopher, theologian, Christian apologist, playwright and poet * August 31 – Francesco Bracciolini (born 1566 in poetry, 1566), Italian poetry, Italian * September 8 – Francisco de Quevedo (born 1580 in poetry, 1580), Spanish poetry, Spanish nobleman, politician and Spanish Golden Age, Golden Age poet * William Browne (poet), William Browne (born 1590 in poetry, 1590), English poetry, English pastoral poet * Feng Menglong (born 1574 in poetry, 1574), Chinese writer and poet

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