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ŻAGIEW ("The Torch"), also known as ŻYDOWSKA GWARDIA WOLNOśCI (the "Jewish Freedom Guard"), was a Nazi-collaborationist Jewish agent provocateur group in Nazi German -occupied Poland, founded and sponsored by the Germans and led by Abraham Gancwajch . Many Żagiew members were related to the collaborationist Jewish organization Group 13 , which was also led by Gancwajch. The Nazis had over a thousand Jewish secret agents in Poland and some were permitted by their Gestapo
handlers to possess and bear firearms.

The organization operated primarily within the Warsaw Ghetto
Warsaw Ghetto
. Its primary goal was to infiltrate the Jewish resistance network and reveal its connections with the Polish underground
Polish underground
aiding and hiding Jews in the General Government . The organization was able to inflict considerable damage on both fronts. Żagiew agents were also instrumental in organizing the Hotel Polski
Hotel Polski
affair in Warsaw, a German scheme to lure thousands of wealthy Jews under false promises of evacuation to South America into a trap and extort their money and valuables before killing most of them.


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