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Şehzade Ömer (20 October 1621 – January 1622) was an Ottoman prince, the son of Sultan Osman II. Life[edit] On Osman's way back he had received the news that he had a son born on 20 October 1621. Now as a father, he had a successor and posed a threat against his brothers. He called her to Edirne where the two met and Osman had the chance to see his son, Ömer. To celebrate the auspicious moment and possibly to impress her, he ordered a festivity to be held. In the celebrations, imitation of the battle scenes was a part of the show. Yet the unimaginable happened and the baby suddenly died. Some history writers explain this event by the shock the infant had due to noises of the fired cannons.[1] Hammer gives a more striking reason for the baby's death: "To increase her joy festivities were held and some scenes of the Polish war were staged. The prince was present in these games and by the sudden shot from a rifle [by coincidence] he was wounded and died."[2] References[edit]

^ Altınay, Ahmet Refik, Kadınlar Saltanatı, c.1, (Istanbul, Tarih Vakfı Yurt Yay., 2000), p.103 ^ Hammer, p.309

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