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Élie is the French equivalent of "Elias" or "Elijah."[1]


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French masculine given name[edit]

Élie Aboud (1959) Lebanese-French politician Élie Barnavi (born 1946) Israeli ambassador to France between 2000 and 2002. Élie Baup (1955) French football player and now manager Élie Bayol (1914-1995) French racing driver Élie Benoist (1640-1728) French Protestant minister and historian of the Edict of Nantes Élie Berthet (1815-1891) French novelist Élie Bertrand (1713–1797) Swiss French geologist Élie Bloncourt (1896-1978) Guadeloupe-born French politician of the 1930s. Élie Bouhéreau (1643-1719) French Huguenot refugee in Ireland and the first librarian of Marsh's Library Élie Brousse (1921) French rugby league player Élie Cartan (1869-1951) French mathematician Élie Castor (1943-1996) French Guiana politician Élie Chouraqui (1950) French film director Élie Diodati (1576–1661) Swiss French jurist Élie Dohin (1983) French football midfielder Élie Domota (1963) trade union leader from Guadeloupe Élie Ducommun (d.1906) was winner of the 1902 Nobel Peace Prize Élie, duc Decazes (1780-1860) Élie Dupuis (1994) Canadian actor Élie Doté (1947) Prime Minister of the Central African Republic from June 2005 to January 2008 Élie Ehua (1992) French footballer Élie Faure (1873-1937) French art historian Élie Frédéric Forey (1804-1872) Marshal of France Élie Catherine Fréron (1719-1776) French (male) writer and controversialist Élie Fruchart (1922) French football player Élie Halévy (1870-1937) French historian Élie Halévy (Chalfan) (1760-1826) French Hebrew poet and author Élie Hoarau (1938) Réunion politician Élie Kakou (1960–1999) French comic actor Élie Kroupi (1979) French-Ivorian football player Élie Lacerte (1821-1898) Quebec physician and political figure Élie Lacoste (1745-1806) French politician during the French Revolution Élie Lellouche (1952) French horse trainer Élie Lescot (1883-1974) President of Haiti from 1941 Élie Mailloux (1830-1893) Quebec political figure Élie Metchnikoff (1845-1916) Russian biologist, known by French name Élie Reclus (1827–1904) French anarchist and ethnographer Élie de Rothschild (1917-2007) French banker Élie Saint-Hilaire (1839-1888) political figure in Quebec Élie Semoun (1963) French comedian Élie Vinet (1509–1587) French Renaissance humanist Élie Wollman (1917-2008) French geneticist

Double and middle names[edit]

Jean-Baptiste Élie de Beaumont (1798-1874) French geologist Jean-Baptiste-Jacques Élie de Beaumont (1732–1786) French Protestant Élie-Abel Carrière (1818-1896) French botanist Joseph Élie Cholette Canadian politician Jules-Élie Delaunay (1828-1891) French painter Jacques Derrida, born Jackie Élie Derrida (1930-2004) Sephardic French-Algerian philosopher Marguerite-Élie Guadet (1758-1794) French (male) political figure of the Revolutionary period Nil-Élie Larivière (1899-1969) Quebec politician Marie Joseph Anatole Élie de Riquet (1858-1937) 19th Prince de Chimay, French fencer at the 1900 Summer Olympics Médéric Louis Élie Moreau de Saint-Méry (1750-1819) Martinique creole colonist Joseph-Élie Thibaudeau (1822-1878) Quebec businessman and political figure François-Élie Vincent (1708-1790) Swiss painter of portrait miniatures.

Variant spellings[edit] Hélie and Hélias, also Élias:

Hélie de Talleyrand-Périgord (1301-1364) also Élie de Talleyrand-Périgord, Bishop of Auxerre Hélias de Saint-Yrieix (died 1367) French Benedictine abbot, bishop and cardinal. Hélie de Bourdeilles (ca. 1423-1484) French Franciscan, Archbishop of Tours and cardinal.


Antonio Élie (1893-1968) Canadian politician Romain Élie (1985) French football defender Louis-Pierre Hélie (1986) Canadian skier

Geographical names[edit]

Saint-Élie a commune of French Guiana Rock Forest–Saint-Élie–Deauville, borough of Sherbrooke, Quebec Mont-Élie, Quebec, unorganized territory in the Capitale-Nationale region of Quebec Saint-Élie-de-Caxton municipality in the Mauricie region of the province


^ The Complete Baby Name Book 1989 Page 92 "It was revived in the seventeenth century by the Puritans, and it's still used, especially by religious Protestant families. Famous name: Elie Wiesel (novelist) Variations: Elia (Italian), Elias (English), Élie (French), ..."

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