Spherical Segment

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Spherical Segment
In geometry, a spherical segment is the solid defined by cutting a sphere or a ball with a pair of parallel planes. It can be thought of as a spherical cap with the top truncated, and so it corresponds to a spherical frustum. The surface of the ''spherical segment'' (excluding the bases) is called spherical zone. If the radius of the sphere is called , the radii of the spherical segment bases are and and the height of the segment (the distance from one parallel plane to the other) called , then the volume of the spherical segment is : V = \frac \left(3 r_1^2 + 3 r_2^2 + h^2\right). The curved surface area of the spherical zone—which excludes the top and bottom bases—is given by : A = 2 \pi R h. See also * Spherical cap * Spherical wedge * Spherical sector In geometry, a spherical sector, also known as a spherical cone, is a portion of a sphere or of a ball defined by a conical boundary with apex at the center of the sphere. It can be described as the union ...
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