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Truyền Kỳ Mạn Lục
The Truyền kỳ mạn lục (傳奇漫錄, Collection of Strange Tales) is a 16th-century Vietnamese historical text, in part a collection of legends, by Nguyễn Dữ (阮餘) composed in Chữ Hán.[1] The collection was translated into French by UNESCO in 1962.[2][3] References[edit]^ Karl Ashoka Britto Disorientation: France, Vietnam, and the ambivalence of Interculturality 2004 "... named Nguyen Du composed a volume of Vietnamese legends, the Truyen Ky Man Luc, entirely in classical Chinese. ... must remember that Chinese was the cultural language throughout the Far East up until the beginning of the twentieth century" ^ Studies on Vietnamese language and literature Page 111 Đình Thâm Nguyễn - 1992 "Vaste recueil de legendes merveilleuses. Paris, Gallimard, 1962. 273 pp. (UNESCO, collection d'oeuvres representatives; Connaissance de l'Orient, 15). French trans

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