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Rinchinbal Khan
Rinchinbal (Mongolian: Ринчинбал, translit. Rinčinbal; Middle Mongolian: ᠷᠢᠨᠴᠢᠨᠪᠠᠯ, Rinčinbal; from Tibetan ཡིད་བཞིན་འགྲུབ་པ།rin chen dpal), also known by the temple name Ningzong (Emperor Ningzong of Yuan, Chinese: 元寧宗, May 1, 1326 – December 14, 1332), was a son of Kuśala who was briefly installed to the throne of the Yuan dynasty, but died soon after he seized the throne. He was the shortest-reigning Mongol emperor in history. Apart from Emperor of China, he is also considered as the 14th Great Khan of the Mongol Empire or Mongols, although it was only nominal due to the division of the empire. Biography[edit] He was the second son of Kuśala (Emperor Mingzong) and a younger brother of Toghun Temür (Emperor Huizong)

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