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Liu Zhiyuan
Liu Zhiyuan (劉知遠) (March 4, 895 – March 10, 948), later changed to Liu Gao (劉暠), formally Emperor Gaozu of (Later) Han ((後)漢高祖), was the ethnically-Shatuo founder of the Later Han, the fourth of the Five Dynasties in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period of Chinese history. It, if the subsequent Northern Han is not considered part of its history, was also one of the shortest-lived states in Chinese history, lasting only three years.Contents1 Background 2 During Jin and Later Tang 3 During Later Jin3.1 During Shi Jingtang's reign 3.2 During Shi Chonggui's reign4 During Liao occupation of central China 5 Reign as emperor of Later Han5.1 March to Kaifeng 5.2 Reign at Kaifeng6 Personal information 7 ReferencesBackground[edit] Liu Zhiyuan was born in 895, during the reign of Emperor Zhaozong of Tang, at Taiyuan. His ancestors were of Shatuo extraction

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