The Minister of Foreign Affairs is the head of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is concerned with foreign affairs and is a member of the Government of Russia. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is one of the five so-called "presidential" ministers, along with the ministers of defense, interior, emergencies and justice. Although they are members of the Cabinet, but they are directly subordinate to the President. The minister of foreign affairs, like other presidential ministers, is nominated and appointed by the President, after consultation with the Federation Council (the other ministers are nominating by the Prime Minister and appointed by the President after approval by the State Duma). The foreign minister is also a permanent member of the Russian Security Council."Конституция Российской Федерации" (принята всенародным голосованием 12.12.1993 с изменениями, одобренными в ходе общероссийского голосования 01.07.2020) Статья 83

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