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Hoang Ke Viem
Hoàng Kế Viêm (1820–1909) was a general of the Nguyễn Dynasty.[1] His real name was Hoàng Tá Viêm. Born in Quảng Ninh District, he passed the royal exam with the grade of cu nhan ("recommended") in 1843. His wife was princess Huong La, the daughter of King Minh Mạng.Contents1 Military career 2 Attitude to can vuong 3 References 4 Sources 5 External linksMilitary career[edit] Hoàng Kế Viêm played a leading role in the Nguyễn Dynasty's wars against the French in the second half of the nineteenth century, but with little success. In March 1883 he attempted to overwhelm the weak French garrison of Hanoi but was defeated in the Battle of Gia Cuc

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