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Emperor Min Of Jin
Emperor Min of Jin (simplified Chinese: 晋愍帝; traditional Chinese: 晉愍帝; pinyin: Jìn Mǐn Dì; Wade–Giles: Chin Min-ti; 300 – February 7, 318), personal name Sima Ye (司馬鄴 or 司馬業), courtesy name Yanqi (彥旗), was an emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420) and the last of the Western Jin. Emperor Min surrendered in 316 to Liu Yao, a general of the Xiongnu state Han Zhao, and was later executed by Liu Cong, the emperor of Han Zhao, in 318.Contents1 Prior to becoming emperor 2 Reign 3 After capture by Han Zhao 4 Era name 5 Personal informationPrior to becoming emperor[edit] Sima Ye was a son of Sima Yan (司馬晏) the Prince of Wu, a son of Jin's founding emperor Emperor Wu, and Lady Xun, a daughter of Xun Xu. However, he was posthumously adopted by his uncle Sima Jian (司馬柬) the Prince of Qin, who died in 291, nine years before his birth, and so he inherited the title of Prince of Qin. When the Jin capital Luoyang fell to Han Zhao force

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