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Codex Marianus
The Codex Marianus is an Old Church Slavonic fourfold Gospel Book written in Glagolitic script, dated to the beginning of the 11th century,[1] which is (along with Codex Zographensis), one of the oldest manuscript witnesses to the Old Church Slavonic language, one of the two fourfold gospels being part of the Old Church Slavonic canon.Contents1 History 2 Linguistic analysis and origin 3 Legacy 4 See also 5 Notes 6 References 7 External links 8 Further readingHistory[edit] Most of the Codex (172 folios, 171 according to some sources) was discovered by Viktor Grigorovič (uk) at Mount Athos during a journey to the Balkans in 1844-45, in a hermitage belonging to the Monastery of the Holy Mother of God (the Blessed Theotokos), and thus the manuscript was named Codex Marianus in Latin. Grigorovič took the found folios to Kazan', and after his death in 1876 the Codex was transferred to Russian State Library in Moscow where it carries the catalog number грнг 6 (M.1689)

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