Request may refer to: * a question, a request for information * a petition, a formal document demanding something that is submitted to an authority Request may also refer to:

Computing and technology

* in computer science, a message sent between objects * in computer science, a request in Hypertext Transfer Protocol * Request TV, a defunct pay-per-view service * Requests (software), a Python HTTP library


* ''Request'' (The Awakening album), a 1997 album by South African band The Awakening * ''Request'' (Juju album), a 2010 cover album by Japanese singer Juju * ''Requests'', an album by The Johnson Mountain Boys * ''Requests'', a classical album by Victor Borge * ''Requests'', a 1964 Parlophone EP by The Beatles; "Long Tall Sally" "I Call Your Name" "Can't Buy Me Love" "You Can't Do That" * ''Requests'', a 1965 EP by Pat Carroll * ''Further Requests'', the second 1964 Parlophone EP by The Beatles; "She Loves You", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Can't Buy Me Love" * ''Requests'', an album by Gracie Fields * ''Requests'', an album by Jim McDonough

Other uses

* "Requests", a song by Dr. Dre * Request (broadcasting), audience interaction in broadcasting * ReQuest Dance Crew, a hip hop dance crew from New Zealand

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