Mica is a group of sheet silicate minerals, not to be confused with Micah. Mica or MICA may also refer to:


* Mica DIY, a UK Retailer Co-operative, Symbol group


* Mahone Islands Conservation Association * Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), the former name for the Ministry of Communications and Information under the Government of Singapore * Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, Maryland, US * Multimedia, Information, Communication & Applications, an international research institute in Hanoi, Vietnam * MICA (institute), a postgraduate school in India * Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance, an advanced prehospital care ambulance used in Australia and the United Arab Emirates * MICA (missile), a French anti-aircraft missile system * MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence A, a cell surface protein


In Romania

* Mica, Cluj, a commune in Cluj County, Romania * Mica, Mureș, a commune in Mureş County, Romania * Mica, a village in Bascov Commune, Argeș County, Romania

In the United States

* Mica, Georgia, an unincorporated community * Mica, Idaho, an unincorporated community in Idaho * Mica, Virginia, an unincorporated community * Mica, Washington, an unincorporated community * Mica Peak, two adjacent peaks of the same name in Idaho and Washington


* Mica Creek, a village and ski resort in British Columbia, Canada


* MicA RNA, a bacterial small RNA * Milica, a female given name, for which "Mica" is a nickname * "Mica", a song by Mission of Burma from their 1982 album ''Vs.'' * MICA, an unreleased operating system from Digital Equipment Corporation, which later inspired the architecture of Windows NT

See also

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