The mandibular prominence is an embryological structure which gives rise to the lower portion of the face. The
mandible In anatomy Anatomy (Greek ''anatomē'', 'dissection') is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organism In biology, an organism (from Ancient Greek, Greek: ὀργανισμός, ''organismos'') is any ind ...
lower lip Lips are a visible body part at the mouth of many animals, including humans. Lips are soft, movable, and serve as the opening for food intake and in the articulation of sound and speech. Human lips are a tactile sensory organ, and can be an e ...
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It is innervated by the
mandibular nerve The mandibular nerve (V3) is the largest of the three divisions of the trigeminal nerve, the fifth cranial nerve (CN V). Structure The large sensory root emerges from the lateral part of the trigeminal ganglion and exits the cranial cavity through ...

mandibular nerve


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